Cortex-A9 TLB lockdown

Hello, expert.

I tried to implement TLB lockdown in Cortex-A9.

Cortex-A8 and ARM1136JF RFP offer detailed TLB lockdown method but cortex-A9 RFP doesn't offer it.

I tried TLB lockdown following Cortex-A8 and ARM1136JF RFP.
0. Invalidate TLB with ASID.

1. write_tlb_lockdown_register
set preserve bit = 1, lockdown region= 0
MCR p15, 0, %0, c10, c0, 0

set main TLB index 0
MCR p15, 5, %0, c15, c4, 4

3. write_lockdown_tlb_va
MCR p15, 5, %0, c15, c5, 2

4. write_tlb_lockdown_register
set preserve bit = 0, lockdown region=1
MCR p15, 0, %0, c10, c0, 0

But I can't convince TLB lockdown work well.

Is my method right?

Thanks in advance.
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