How to specify virtual Address for pl011 uart in linux kernel


I am a beginner in kernel porting. I am trying to port Linux kernel (version- 4.9.22) on Custom SoC (cpu = arm1176jzfs based) for custom evaluation Board. I am having ARM Prime cell pl011 UART in my SoC. And it is physically mapped to 0x5800_1000 address. While i am trying to use it as Debug UART, kernel is asking for its virtual Address. How should i configure this option.

    -> Kernel low-level debugging functions
        -> kernel low-level debugging port (Kernel low-level debugging on via ARM Ltd PL01x Primecell UART)
    (0x58001000) Physical base address of debug UART
    (??) Virtual base address of debug UART


Vivek T.

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