How do I install an SSL certificate on a Tableau server?

After the CA signs your SSL Certificate and sends the necessary files to your inbox, download the ZIP folder and extract its contents on your device. Most of the CAs will send you the primary SSL certificate file, along with the CA Bundle or Chain certificate file, which contains the root and intermediate certificates.

The CA certificate files must be in PEM format with the extension .crt. In addition to the certificate files, you will also need the private key file with .key extension. Remember, you created the private key during the CSR generation with the OpenSSL utility.

To import your SSL files, please perform the following:

  1. Launch the Tableau Server Manager (TSM) in a browser: https://<tsm-computer-name>:8850
  2. Go to the Configuration tab, and select Security > External SSL
  3. Under External web server SSL, tick the Enable SSL for server communication checkbox
  4. Upload the SSL certificate and key files as shown below: SSL certificate file: upload your primary SSL certificate key file: upload your private key file SSL certificate key passphrase: leave blankSSL certificate chain file: upload your CA bundle file with root and intermediate certificates
  5. Click Save Pending Changes, then navigate to the top of the page and click Pending Changes
  6. Hit Apply Changes and Restart.
  7. Test your SSL installation

After you install the SSL Certificate on Tableau Server, you should run an SSL scan to look for potential errors or vulnerabilities in your configuration. For more info, check our article on the best SSL tools for testing an SSL tableau Certification.

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