Where to find hard core Arm books, courses, tutorials

My professor hasn't taught us anything in arm assembly. Yet, we have to write a code that involves 2 dimentional arrays.

Is there any complete source that I can learn this stuff from it.

I understand absolutely nothing in Arm Assembly

  • A lot of schools / profs seem a collectively useless bunch. Watch for the ones who've been teaching 8051 assembler for 30 years and have been pushed to embrace 32-bit to make the curriculum "relevant".

    The key is to learn-how-to-learn.

    I learned ARM assembler 30+ years ago, along with a host of other micro-controllers of the time.

    Skimmed a few books in more recent years based on requests

    Yury Magda, ARM7 Assembly Language Programming: 100+ examples

    J R Gibson, Arm Assembly Language - An Introduction, Second Edition

    Bruce Smith, ARM A32 Assembly Language

    William Hohl, ARM Assembly Language: Fundamentals and Techniques, First Edition. Modern book, but dated, good for ARM7TDMI, ARM9. Expensive

    M A Mazidi, ARM Assembly Language Programming & Architecture

    Students in UK and USA should look at places like AbeBooks, and pull International versions out of India


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    This is an ARM7TDMI simulator you have.

    You can find the documentation for the ARM7TDMI here: http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.set.arm7/index.html

    It has an instruction set summary and a programmer's model with registers, which should get you started.


    There is a handy quick reference card for the instructions, too:

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