Simulate Cortex-M0 FPGA implementation in ModelSim

Hello, I started to tinker with the most basic Cortex-M0 from the DesignStart.
I am using Modelsim Student Edition, which run only on Windows (or Linux through Wine).

I tried to start with Linux to see if at least the "make" commands are working. Problem is, when I end up in the folder "systems\cortex_m0_mcu\rtl_sim\" where I should use the makefile, I get errors which I think are trivial, but I am completely new on complex Verilog designs.

The error is shown here in MinGw, but is the same on a fully setup Linux machine:

I am able, despite this, to load in Modelsim the FPGA testbench, compiling it and running. But without the initial setup (due to the previous error) I am not able to run the "hello" program or whatever I need to issue to the testbench.

Any suggestion? I think I am doing something really naive.



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