Debugging Cortex M3 softcore processor via JTAG - HS3 (Xilinx FPGA and SoC debugger)


I have synthesized cortex-M3 softcore processor on my Zynq Ultrascale+ Evaluation board and it works fine. As of now, I have connected JTAG pins to the FPGA I/O pins and using J-Link debugger to debug the softcore. Since, I have limited FPGA pins available on board. I want to use the available JTAG pins in order to debug all the cores with one debugger.

I would like to create a JTAG daisy chain between Coertex A53, Cortex R5 and Cortex M3 processors so that I could use same JTAG to debug all the available processors on board.

Is it possible to do it with Cortex M3. Could you please suggest a way to do it efficiently?

I look forward for your reply


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