"Error : REMAP is already clear" Issue.


TESTNAME=bootloader test sequence is in  BP210 CM3 test sequence,

In especially, we could find the below code,

then we got the below error message when we ran the simulation.

23490 ns UART: CMSDK Boot Loader 
27270 ns UART: - load flash 
45710 ns UART:  
50750 ns UART: CMSDK Boot Loader 
54530 ns UART: - load flash 
63750 ns UART: - Error: REMAP is already clear 
64130 ns UART: Test Ended

Does it have any correct test sequence for resolving that error?

Why Remap is already cleared?  what am I supposed to do to resolve this problem?

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  • Hi there,

    The bootloader code is expected to be used only when the bootloader ROM is present in the system (See cmsdk_mcu_defs.v, when ARM_CMSDK_BOOT_MEM_TYPE is not set to AHB_ROM_NONE). When bootloader is present, the bootloader compiled image is loaded into the bootloader ROM in startup (note: not the normal ROM).

    And the code will clear the REMAP control register (reg_remap) in cmsdk_mcu_sysctrl.v

    You might get the above error message if

    - you tried to load the boot loader ROM in the normal ROM memory. Because the bootloader is already executed once, the register value is 0

    - the example system RTL has been modified that the REMAP control register cannot be read.