How to connect a ST-Link debugger to a Cortex-M1 design


I started to play with DesignStart FPGA and implemented example design to a Xilinx Arty board. I successfully imported BSP to Keil, did some changes there and generated a new bitstream. Now I would like to start debug session in Keil, but I don't have DAP Link board. So, I have several questions...

1. Is it possible to start debug session directly to Arty board with another debugger (e.g. ST-Link)?

2. Where can I find the required pins on Arty board for ST-Link debugger? (SWDIO, SWCLK)

3. Do I even need a DAPLink_to_Arty_shield IP in my design if I want to connect ST-Link debugger to the Cortex-M1 processor?

Thank you for your help!