Cortex-M0 example system


II refer to the example MCU system level in the document "arm_cortex_m0_designstart_eval_user_guide", put it into MPS2+ after synthesis, the software uses the following example in this directory.


Compile the project "hello" with keil mdk5.23. 

modify the file "cmsdk_mcu.v"

// Flash memory
    .AW(12),  // 64K bytes flash ROM
    .BE  (BE))
   u_ahb_rom (
    .HCLK             (HCLKSYS),
    .HRESETn          (HRESETn),
    .HSEL             (flash_hsel),  // AHB inputs
    .HADDR            (HADDR[15:0]),
    .HTRANS           (HTRANS),
    .HSIZE            (HSIZE),
    .HWRITE           (HWRITE),
    .HWDATA           (HWDATA),
    .HREADY           (HREADY),

    .HREADYOUT        (flash_hreadyout), // Outputs
    .HRDATA           (flash_hrdata),
    .HRESP            (flash_hresp)

using Altera Quartus Prime 16.1 generate the .rbf file. copy to microSD, but not run.

Is this method feasible?