Callback on Object Instance CREATE

If we publish an Object that allows the CREATE operation (ie POST allowed on the M2MObject), is there a way to get a callback when the server completes the CREATE and the new Object Instance has been created?


  • Hi Alex,

    In PDMC, there is a callback in MbedCloudClientCallback class
    void value_updated(M2MBase *base, M2MBase::BaseType type) = 0;
    This returns you the newly created object instance pointer which will indicate on the application level that object instance has been created.

    Hope this helps.



  • Just in case anyone is reading this later, here are my observations:  This (and M2MObject::set_value_update_callback) works, but you don't get the id of the new object instance.  So it makes it hard to use to stay synchronized.  Also, there's no callback I can find for when an Object Instance DELETE happens