Can I delete a device entry with a Microchip SE evaluation board from Pelion Device Management?


I connected a FRDM-K64F with a Microchip Secure Element evaluation board(DM320118) to Pelion Device Management.

And I succeeded to register it to Pelion Device Management with my personal mbed account.

I want to delete this registered device entry in my personal mbed account and re-register this device to another Pelion account.

But I can't delete this device entry.

I guess it is because Pelion allows only to delete a device entry with developer's certificate.

> Deleting devices

> You can only delete devices that register with a development certificate.

Even though DM320118 is an evaluation board, it seems that device with DM320118 is handled as a device with production grade certificate.

Could you teach me a procedure to delete this device entry(device with a DM320118) from my account and re-register it to another Pelion account?