Wi-Fi not reconnecting after connectivity loss


I’m hope I’m missing some basic. With a simple Pelion app publishing regular value changes over Wi-Fi this works fine for periods from an hour to maybe a day or two until it loses connectivity. It then does not reconnect. I’m assuming some momentery loss is happening I can easily recreate by disabling the Wi-Fi access point when connected.

Is there anything I can to to either enable it to reconnect automatically or handle some notification of loss and manually re-connect?

The Serial USB reports 2 errors:
client_error(6) -> Client in reconnection mode NetworkError
client_error(12) -> Client in reconnection mode DnsResolvingFailed

It the client appears to be in a reconnecting state but never succeeds.

To reproduce: I’ve tried two example applications (the second below appears to have the latest mbed-cloud-client.lib). Simply downloaded to the online compiler, changed the Wi-Fi SSID/password and deployed/run.

A similar report but no follow-up.

Board: https://os.mbed.com/platforms/ST-Discovery-L475E-IOT01A/ 1



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