How to make fabric3 to use host ssh config

When using fabric(1), i set "env.use_ssh_config = True" in my file and it read my host ~/.ssh/config file and worked to connect to remove hosts.

Now i am trying fabric3 with Python 3.8. Since "env" is gone and "os.environ" done have an option (or i am not aware) to set to read the ~/.ssh/config file, i am unable to use it.

I have tried to add this "Config.load_ssh_config" in my file, but still no help.

from fabric import Connection, Config
from fabric import task
from paramiko.config import SSHConfig
import sys
import os
import pprint

def test(c):'hostname')
    print('uname -a')

If anyone got this working, would you please shed some light. Appreciate your help on this. I am using the fabric3 in the virtualenv.

Thank you.