IOT-Kit CM33 Secure/Non-Secure (V2M-MPS2(IoT)) example issue

Hi All,

I am working on IOT-Kit CM33 Secure/Non-Secure (V2M-MPS2(IoT)) example with Fast model for execute/debug. I want to enhance it for RTX-RTOS so I am adding CMSIS Keil-RTX5 software component through Manage Run-time Environment. After adding Keil RTX5 software component and commented out SysTick_Handler() function because it is defined in RTX-RTOS and no other changes in application (even not called any RTOS function) when I run the application on fast model, after reaching in Non secure application when it call Secure_printf() which is defined in secure application it goes to Usage Fault.

Looking forward for a solution here.

Note : using Keil uVision V5.24.2.0 licensed version.

Thanks in advance