Linaro Release Notes 17.07


These release notes are for the current release; for older releases see here.

Note that we only provide the workspace initialisation script for the current release and previous release. Contact if you need to use an older release.


Linaro Release 17.07

SCMI update and dependencies

This release includes SCP firmware supporting the new SCMI interfaces and compatible (SCMI aware) Linux Kernel / ARM-TF deliverables (not available upstream at time of release). Users of Juno who take only the firmware from the ARM Platforms Release and build their own upstream versions of ARM-TF and/or the linux kernel are likely to see boot or run time compatibility issues.


  • AArch32 and AArch64 cross compilers 6.2-2016.11 (gcc 6.2) (AArch32 | AArch64)





  • Platform resets into AArch64, performs some platform initialisation, then warm-resets into AArch32
  • Prebuilt configurations 17.04 --> 17.07 (link)
  • OpenEmbedded ALIP remains at 15.07 (download)





  • Prebuilt configurations 17.01 --> 17.07 (link)
  • OpenEmbedded ALIP remains at 15.07 (download)




Known issues / Updates

  • SCMI
  • Updated SCP firmware supporting SCMI has been added
  • This is *not* compatible with kernels missing the SCMI patches. Users need to make sure they use an aligned set of components or potentially face booting / runtime compatibility issues.
  • Added FVP Rev C support
  • ARM-TF
  • Based on temporary non upstream fork for this release to incorporate non up-streamed support for SCMI and FVP RevC
  • Kernel
  • The latest/tracking kernel moves to 4.12 final. LSK 4.4.71 based kernel
  • Juno Firmware
  • Motherboard firmware updated to mbb_v149.ebf
  • OPTEE moved to 2.4.0 tagged release.
  • UEFI
  • we are now using pure upstream repos for edk2 and OpenPlatformPkg
  • General updates
  • U-Boot, UEFI/EDK2, ARM-TF, OP-TEE and BusyBox have been updated and/or rebased to the latest versions