Linaro Release Notes 17.10


These release notes are for the current release; for older releases see here.

Note that we only provide the workspace initialisation script for the current release and previous release. Contact if you need to use an older release.


Linaro Release 17.10


  • The `lsk-4.4-armlt' kernel has been replaced with the Android Common Kernel `ack-4.9-armlt'
  • See here for more regarding the Android Common Kernel
  • This is part of an ongoing effort to align with Google's Project Treble, see here



  • AArch32 and AArch64 cross compilers 6.2-2016.11 (gcc 6.2) (AArch32 | AArch64)



  • Prebuilt configurations 17.07 --> 17.10 (link)
  • Android Nougat 17.07 --> Android Oreo 17.10 (page | filesystem | ramdisk)
  • OpenEmbedded Minimal and LAMP remain at 17.01 (Minimal | LAMP)



  • Platform resets into AArch64, performs some platform initialisation, then warm-resets into AArch32
  • Prebuilt configurations 17.04 --> 17.07 (link)
  • OpenEmbedded ALIP remains at 15.07 (download)





  • Prebuilt configurations 17.01 --> 17.07 (link)
  • OpenEmbedded ALIP remains at 15.07 (download)




Known issues / Updates

  • Juno's Android O filesystem image does not have an MD5 checksum available, forcing fresh download on workspace reinitialisation
    • This has now been resolved
  • Juno r0 occasionally hangs during Android O boot (seems rarer on Juno r2)