MPS2+ Firmware for Mbed

This is an update to the fimware for the MCC on the MPS2+ board. This adds some features for improved compatibility with the Mbed OS software examples and continuous integration flow. You do not need to install the update unless you are working with Mbed. You can use this firmeare with Cortex-M0 or Cortex-M3.

The update includes:

  • Make the reported USB serial number numeric, with an Mbed prefix.
  • Load segments to the physical address specified in an ELF file (rather than virtual address)

The firmware is in a zip file attached to this post. To install the update, connect your MPS2+ board by USB to a PC, and unzip the firmware file. Copy mbb_v226.ebf to the MB\HBI0263C directory on your V2M_MPS2 device. Edit the board.txt file in the same directory to reference the new firmware:

MBBIOS: mbb_v226.ebf ;MB BIOS IMAGE

If you reset the board and connect a debugger, a unique serial number will be shown, and the CMSIS-DAP firmware version will be reported as 2.6.6 :