TSMC CE018FG Library


Our laboratory has contracted with Arm academic access, so we're trying to synthesis CortexM3 with design Compiler.

But as the scripts and files we've got, there are no itf file, TLUPlus, nxtgrd file. 


So we tried to use "../${libs}/tsmc/nxtgrd/t018s6ml.map" instead of "tluplus_file" but it failed and made the following error:

Error: TLUPlus version 1.0 is detected. It is no longer supported. (TLUP-006)
Error: Failed to load TLUPlus files. They may be corrupted. (TLUP-039)

As far as I know, .TLUPlus file is compiled from .itf file by using 'grdgenxo' command. 

Should we request the .itf file from the foundry? Or is it something you can provide??