Wrong usage of cmsdk_ahb_to_sram.v

Dear All,

I'm trying to send 2 AHB-Lite write and read operation with cmsdk_ahb_to_sram.v.

task test1;

t_ahb_write(32'h00000400, 32'h00001234);

t_ahb_write(32'h00000404, 32'h00005678);

t_ahb_read(32'h00000404, rdata);

t_ahb_read(32'h00000400, rdata);


As you can see the above waveform what I attached, 

I write HADDR 0x00000400 + HWDATA 0x00001234 and  HADDR 0x00000404 + HWDATA 0x00005678

and continuously read HADDR 0x00000404  and  HADDR 0x00000400.

But the problem is that SRAM* signals does not seem correct.

SRAMWDATA: 0x00001234  and 0x0005678 must be a Write just only 0x00001234 written into the SRAM.

Could you guide me how do I input cmsdk_ahb_to_sram.v correctly?