Mix ARM assembler and C Keil book interrupts ROM external memory

I am interesting to make application in Cortex M.I am new. I know C .Please tell me short book and tutorial to make application what will read from ROM,PROM and similar, write and read from external memory, handle interrupts and exceptions. I would like  in the book to be described working in Keil.I would make code what will mix ARM assembler and C.I am working in Windows

  • Hi,

    I can highly recommend Joseph Yiu's book "The Definitive Guide to the Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 Processors". This will cover the questions that you ask, and a whole lot more besides (assembler, memory maps, interrupt config, Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC), Memory Protection Unit and so on).

    It also gives you examples for use with the Keil MDK toolchain.

    It is available from several online retailers.

    I hope this helps.