CM0 DesignStart Eval FPGA compile error on MPS2+


I'm following the Cortex®-M0 DesignStart Eval FPGA User guide to do the FPGA Build Flow.

I follow below steps using Quartus Prime Lite Edition, with device - Cyclone V 5CEBA9F31C8

a. Select File > Open Project and navigate to the project file: 
b. Select Processing > Start Compilation

I got error in compilation fitter stage (Error 170012 Fitter requires 12085 LABs to implement the design, but the device contains only 11356 LABs) 

I didn't do any modification, and the utilization rate of others like DSP/PLLs are all normal.

According to the user guide, the default design only utilize 10% of LUTs.

May I know if I missed any settings or configurations? Or it is Quartus version issue?

Thank you in advance for helping.