The Open Fog Consortium and ARM

ARM is happy to be participating in the Open Fog Consortium.  If you remember, we announced our Intelligent Flexible Cloud architecture in February.  Intelligent Flexible Cloud and Fog are very complimentary technology models.  We view the Open Fog Consortium as a great way to bring many aspects of the Intelligent Flexible Cloud (IFC) vision to life.  As a reminder, the core of the IFC vision is that the network will become a platform - a platform for traditional network functions, as well as a platform for application development.

The Intelligent Flexible Cloud, through a common software framework that supports the types of heterogeneous devices found in the network, allows for the distribution of applications anywhere in the network based on optimal efficiency, bandwidth availability, and lowest -latency proximity to data. These attributes are emerging as key considerations when deploying real IoT applications. Processing IoT data close to the edge of the network reduces overall network congestion as only key results are sent back to the cloud by running some analyitics closer to the original source of the data. Also, and perhaps of most importance, it greatly improves the performance of time sensitive control applications in IoT.

Can you imagine a smart transportation system being able to deliver critical, time sensitive control and local information to moving vehicles around you if the controlling application trying to take near real-time actions is located in the cloud, located at the end of a congested and unreliable network?  IFC and Fog are network architectural solutions to address this type challenge.

ARM, with The Open Fog Consortium, will addresses and define, in an open way, the common software framework pieces needed for developers to be able to write once and deploy anywhere within the Fog layers (where Fog layers are a hierarchy of compute nodes out in the network).  Furthermore, the Consortium will work to put in place the interoperability mechanisms required to ensure true application portability from data-centers out to the edge of the network .

We are excited to one of the companies who will work to bring this vision to life.  Please watch for more information and if you’d like to join us in Open Fog, please visit and follow us on Twitter @OpenFog.

ARM Open Fog Members and co-written by johnfry rhondadirvin