ARM has acquired Allinea Software: A new chapter in our HPC journey


Our acquisition of Allinea Software, a leading provider of debug and performance analysis tools for HPC systems, is a very positive development for us and for the wider HPC industry.  I want to share our vision of what this will enable moving forward.

ARM will use its newly acquired capabilities to accelerate its adoption in HPC and new markets

The acquisition will deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by software developers working with multi-processor systems. It will also provide a channel to thousands of developers using supercomputers and give us better first-hand knowledge of the issues being addressed as software is ported to new ARM-based systems. This knowledge will help us to improve IP and software for large, complex systems in the future.

Success in HPC is important as it covers a significant proportion (20 percent according to market research) of the server market. However, we see similar design challenges affecting other big systems in new growth markets such as machine learning, data analytics or even automotive (ADAS).

Integrating Allinea’s tools and expertise into the development solutions group here at ARM extends our product portfolio for development tools to address HPC and these new emerging markets.

Allinea tools will continue to support multiple processor architectures

ARM cares deeply about its partners and has built its long-term success on a success sharing model. Therefore it is perfectly natural for us to continue supporting Allinea’s tools customers, whether they are using ARM or not.

We’ve done this before successfully. For instance, we continue to improve and sell our Keil tools for 8051 microcontrollers more than 11 years after the acquisition of Keil, even though ARM is now a more prevalent MCU architecture than 8051.

I am responsible for the ARM development solutions group and I have made a commitment to Allinea’s key customers to continue supporting multiple processor architectures with Allinea’s products. That includes future product improvements when technically feasible. We will extend this same commitment to other HPC users.

ARM will keep Allinea’s people and brand, and grow their product portfolio

To minimise disruption to Allinea’s existing customers and employees, we intend to keep all Allinea people in my group. They will continue to operate as a unit under David Lecomber, former Allinea CEO.

ARM already has a team of engineers working on software development tools for HPC, including ARM compilers, performance libraries and a code advisor tool. From now on these products will be added to Allinea’s portfolio, with the aim of launching a complete tool suite for ARM-based HPC systems in 2017.

Software development tools for large systems will continue to be an area of investment for ARM in the future, and this is an exciting development for us as we grow this part of the business. We are looking to expand our combined HPC tools team even further, and have a number of vacancies for new talent.

Javier Orensanz
General Manager, Development Solutions Group, ARM