Arm was founded 25 years ago after it spun out from Acorn Computers with additional backing from Apple Computer and VLSI Technology. Since its foundation the company has gone from 12 people in Cambridge, UK to nearly 4,000 worldwide. In this time 78 billion chips featuring ARM technology have been shipped and you can find this technology in a wide range of devices from sensors to smartphones to servers.

The key to our success is the ecosystem of partners the license our technology and feed into its development. So this isn't just our 25th birthday, this is an important milestone that we can celebrate together and reflect on our joint successes.

To help us celebrate this milestone we've worked with the Science Museum in London to identify 25 artefacts or people from their Information Age gallery that were pivotal to the creation of modern technology. We've called this collection of short films Standing on the Shoulders of Giants for an obvious reason. We will be releasing one film a week, so make sure you subscribe or keep coming back for more.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants