The new version of Simplicity Studio is available for download today (free of charge) from New to Simplicity Studio is the Eclipse-based Simplicity Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which supports Silicon Lab’s ARM-based 32-bit EFM32 Gecko MCUs and 8-bit C8051 MCUs. The IDE includes GCC build tools, providing customers with a development solution without code size or debug limitations, and it also supports the Keil and IAR build tools. In addition to the Simplicity IDE, Simplicity Studio provides developers with additional tools such as the energyAware Profiler (real-time power profiling) and Designer (graphical configuration and project creation utility), which easily integrate into the IDE. Furthermore, you never need to look for the most up-to-date documentation or code examples. Simplicity Studio automatically alerts you when updates are available. Simplicity Studio makes embedded development simpler by providing one-click access to all your development resources.


If you are an existing Simplicity Studio user or a new user interested in Silicon Labs’ MCUs, download the latest version of Simplicity Studio from