IoT, 3D Printing, etc. What are the people in the ecosystem talking about? If you are just looking around on the ARM Connected Community for industry trend and fun, you may be interested in the below popular posts.


internet-of-things.jpgHow I explained the IoT to my parents

As the PC repairer and iPad application installer, as well as the official family translator of “technical” (I believe some of you are), how do you explain the IoT to your parents? Try to answer below possible questions:

  • What exactly is IoT?
  • What, like PCs?
  • Why would anybody want to have their thermostat connected to the internet?
  • That is going to cost me a fortune in electricity!
  • ……


ERIKA Enterprise - Evidence SRL

I have to admit that when I first saw ERIKA Enterprise showing as the most visited product on the ARM Connected Community for January 2014, I was quite surprised (Normally big silicon providers occupy the top 3 on ARM Community). ERIKA Enterprise is a free open-source OSEK/VDX Hard Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Some people say that RTOS-ERIKA Enterprise - Evidence SRL -is becoming a reference for automotive market. Check out what they provide


Robox 3d pinter_transparent.jpg

3D printing and micro-manufacturing with Robox

There is no need for me to repeat how popular 3D printing is now. When will we all start having 3D printers in our home? Some people mentioned parts/spare parts for things; some people use 3D printing to make accent jewellery pieces; some dentists considering the purchase of a 3D-printing and milling machine to create new crowns in office. How cool is that?! What comes to your mind when you hear 3D printing? Com to join our discussion!



ARM Technology Symposium 2013 - Paris and the Community

The Symposium Paris is the rollout of the ARM TechCon in Europe every year. More than 40 Partners exhibited in 2013. Despite another French railway strike, more than 350 attendees (170+ companies represented) visited the showroom, attended keynotes and technical tracks. Check out what you can see from the ARM Connected Community Partners reunion.


Training and Education Providers for the ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) Program

There has been an increase in demand for ARM related courses since we launched the ARM Accredited Engineer program. If you are planning to take the exam, check this training provider list for the best result. There is another blog that you may want to have a look to help you prepare the exam Seven tips for ARM Accredited Engineer exam success