ReflexCes.jpgLast Thursday, the last ARM Technology Symposium of the year took place in Paris.

I was delighted to be able to attend for a couple of reasons. Very easy to access and in very nice settings, the event is well established.

This year had a record number of exhibitors with more than 40 Partners represented.

Also, despite another French railway strike, more than 350 attendees (170+ companies represented) visited the showroom, attended keynotes and technical tracks. Attendees will soon receive information to access the technical presentation material.


ARM Partners Exhibiting


MicrochipXilinxCadenceMentor EmbeddedSynopsys
FreescaleEBV ElektronikEnea SoftwareApache Design (ANSYS)Green Hills Software
LauterbachMathWorksMatrikonOPCOneSpin SolutionsSITRE
SigFoxSilicon LabsSTMicroelectronicsSYSGOTSMC
Antycip TechnologiesThe specified item was not found.CraftworkDigi InternationalDigital Solutions
DoulosHDL Design HouseInmoteL'Embarqué (magazine)MVD Training
RenesasSidenseAvnet/SilicaSonicsTarget Compiler Technologies


The Community

You can see that quite a few Partner spaces are unclaimed. Even if I obviously see value in the community for our Partners, I also understand that ARM is not the only community or site our Partners are engaged with... and everything takes time even if a little time on the ARM Connected Community could have great effect!


That is why I met with a few of the Partners I had met last year: to show what we have done thanks to their feedback, to present the next generation ARM Connected Community. There were a few points which kept coming back and I was delighted to be able to say they had been addressed.


1- Approvals were taking far too long

On the former system, all content posted on ARM corporate website was going through a review. This was a major advantage for our partners: as product managers in ARM had to approve the content, it meant our product managers were up to date on our Partner's offering. But, if you combine business travel, holidays and other bandwidth eating activities, it meant that approvals were sometimes taking too long.

On the new online ARM Connected Community, the review does not block publication. Our product managers are still reviewing content and our community owners make sure the content stays clean and relevant.


2- It was difficult to make modifications, update content

The second major source of negative feedback was that it was difficult to make modifications and some content had to be entered multiple times.

I was able to show how easily you can update content on this community, as I was walking around with a tablet. When working on multiple product specifications, the Copy functionality can take care of the basic formatting.

Also, for ARM Approved Training Centers (ATC), the update has been greatly simplified with the removal of the forced calendar. If they wish, our ATC Partners can use the News calendar for physical events, but that is not a requirement.

3- Type of content

A year ago, you could only host one picture per product description and you couldn't host documents. Today, not only can you add several pictures around the text and upload documents, but the content of the file (PDF, DOC, PPT) is also indexed by the community search engine! Of course, you still need to tag your content, but you now have an easy way to reuse white-papers or conference presentations you spent so much time creating!

Furthermore, we now support videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouKu so you can leverage your existing videos. But if you don't have (and don't want) a channel, you can also use the ARM Connected Community video streaming capability. Videos uploaded to the community will also be playable by our Chinese visitors (YouTube is not accessible from mainland China). Here is a video example: Introduction to the ARM Connected Community

SpotlightSiteWideSearch.png4- Search improvements

When doing a search, I believe you need to have a manageable number of results. With more than 900 Partner spaces, it is even more important to be able to drill down to find your best fit. Our new search available on every page of the community does this.

But the search also suggests relevant Partner content on most searches... suggesting your products and services to visitors along pertinent discussions.

See you next year?

I would like to welcome our new Partners to the ARM Connected Community!

If you attended whether as visitor or exhibitor, please tell us if you enjoyed the event and what we could do to improve it.

I am genuinely interested in hearing from you, so comment here or, if you want to do it privately, send us an email to