I’m passionate about making information easy to find.  Who wants to spend unnecessary time searching?  Therefore, I want to give some suggestions on how best to provide content on the online ARM Connected Community based on past experience, advice from community experts and gut feel.  First up: Company Overviews.



For your company overview, the first place to start is copying your company PR boiler plate.  Your marketing department has pored over the words in this description to best match what your company does.  Check out Arteris for an example.


ARM relevance

Next up is how you relate to ARM.  Given that it’s the ARM Connected Community, I recommend that you share how you relate to ARM; what products do you have that support ARM?  Review theFreescale Company Overview where they specifically mention “Designed with power- and cost-sensitive applications in mind, Freescale's portfolio of Kinetis microcontrollers (MCUs), Vybrid controller solutions, i.MX applications processors and QorIQ communications processors offers the highest level of integration, the most comprehensive software and hardware enablement and the broadest range of performance within the ARM community today.”



The online ARM Connected Community supports Chinese and Japanese characters. (Given my lack of knowledge, I won’t give a test here.)  For the Mandarin speakers, there also is a 中文社区 (Chinese) community to ask, communicate and share in Mandarin.


If you have your company boilerplate translated into Chinese, then I strongly recommend that you include that in the Company Overview document.  Again, see the Freescale Company Overview community for an example.


The reason I recommend the special emphasis on Chinese is because while 18% of the views to the community area of arm.com comes from the US, 14% come from China.  When we reviewed the top 30 companies’ views for 2Q13, 17 of the top 30 companies are from China and Taiwan.


Worried if you are copying the characters correctly (I know I would)?  No fear, just ask wenjunzhang or pingzuo to review what you’ve posted and they can help as they are bilingual speakers.  (I believe in the management philosophy of hiring smarter people than you.)



Do you have a picture that represents your company and/or its relationship with ARM?  Yes then add it to your company overview page as Xilinx and Freescale did.  For visual people like me, I am more immediately drawn to a picture then plain text.  Want tips on how to embed a picture?  Check out Any guidance on the best way to embed a picture in a post?



Yes, I know, I’m a broken record.  Like every piece of content, please tag the company overview for relevant terms within the ARM community.  Recommended Tag List by albanrampon gives some great suggestions as a start. 


I hope that the tips of basics, ARM relevance, China, pictures and tagging guide you in creating better company overviews.

Do I miss anything?  Share your tips please.

My earlier blogs might help you with other tips and tricks:


Looking for other insight?  Let me know and I’ll research it and post it.

Thanks to patrickgribben for suggested edits.