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Join us at the 2015 ARM TechCon coming in November to Santa Clara!


The ARM TechCon 2015 Call for Proposals is now open until Monday, June 8, 2015!

Interested in exhibiting at, or sponsoring, ARM TechCon 2015? Learn about the opportunities we have for next year’s conference by contacting:
Kristen Nicasio (415) 947-6283


ARM Tech Symposia 2015

The ARM Technology Symposia is an annual series of worldwide events where many of our 1200+ ARM Connected Community Partners come together to learn and share valuable information concerning the latest ARM Roadmap and related technologies. Listed below are the sessions in Asia (8 cities) in addition to the regional contacts for each event.



Regional Contact

October 13 (Tue)

Le Meridien, Bangalore

India  - Vinod Desai


Phone: +91-9686 – 444-229

October 27 (Tue)

COEX Intercontinental, Seoul

Korea - Christy Weng


Phone:+886-2-26271681 x815

November 19 (Thu)

Sheraton Hotel, Taipei

Taiwan – Christy Weng


Phone:+886-2-26271681 x815

November 20 (Fri)

Ambassador Hotel, Hsinchu

November 23 (Mon)

Sheraton Hongqiao, Shanghai

China – Nicole Sun


Phone+8621 6154 9137

November 25 (Wed)

Sheraton Dongcheng, Beijing

November 27 (Fri)

Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen

December 2 (Wed)

Tokyo Conference center, Tokyo

Japan – Tomoko Furuta


Phone: +81-45-345-5080

DAC IP Track: Call for Papers Now Open

Hey Partners, don’t miss out on this opportunity to submit a paper for the Design Automation Conference (DAC) IP Track. Even though the deadline to submit an abstract is not until next year, it is coming up very fast – only six weeks away – Tuesday, January 20, 2015 (not counting holidays).


The DAC IP Track includes five 90-minute sessions, as well as a Poster Session.

  • Low Power IP
  • IP Implementation
  • IP Subsystems and Integration
  • Verification IP
  • IP Strategies and Management


The DAC IP Track brings together IP core designers, users, and IP ecosystem providers from across the globe; presenting their products and design experiences on effective design flows, methods, and tool usage. The IP Track will include lecture presentations, panels and invited talks. It offers a unique opportunity to network and learn from other industry experts.


Check out the IP Track conference program and submit your title and topic today!


Perks for Partners: The ARM Connected Community Partner Pavilion at DAC 2015

Is your company interested in exhibiting in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion at DAC?

There are a lot of perks for partners so learn more about the program and reserve a spot soon, as demo space is limited.

At MWC this year, 14 ARM employees had great fun participating in the ARM Step Challenge. Each participant wore an ARM Cortex-M3 based Fitbit device to track each step they took during the event. 

The game has now been extended to ARM Partners! ARM and our ARM Connected Community Partners will be wearing Fitbit activity tracking devices during the ARM Step Challenge at DAC. We’ll be tracking each participants steps throughout the show and displaying the milestones using Golden Gate Bridges on monitors in the booth each day. Milestones are displayed in increments of 2,000 steps = 1 Golden Gate Bridge, and the daily goal is 10,000 steps – which is approximately 5 miles, depending on your stride. We will also have some fun challenges, such as how many steps it is from the ARM booth to the Designer Tracks, or to the DAC Pavilion, etc. (In case you are wondering, it is approximately 1.7 miles across the Golden Gate Bridge.)

There is an old Chinese saying “Know yourself and know your enemy, it is the sure way to victory”.  If you haven't watched Brian Fuller's video, check out how the fierce competition has already began - The ARM Step Challenge at DAC: Throwing Down the Gauntlet. Running shoes, running hat, supplements, fruits.... everything is ready.



John Heinlein VP of Corporate Marketing, ARM, was one of the MWC ARM Step Challenge winners. Don't be surprised if you see him walking to dinner and then walking back to hotel. It's not the first time John has been to DAC, but it will be the busiest one for him. Let's see how John fights back. I like the end of the video, orange-grapefruit. I've heard rumors that more videos are coming...



However, even though these two speak louder, it doesn't necessarily mean they are going to win - perhaps some of the below participants have been quietly training. ARM and our partners will be tweeting and blogging throughout the competition, so be sure to follow #ARMStepChallenge and #51DAC on Twitter and Facebook. You will also be able track the ARM Step Challenge online during the show at I look forward to the competition for the most fit at the 51st DAC in San Francisco. Be sure to join in on the fun! 

ARM continues to have large presence at DAC this year at booth #2007 and ARM Connected Community Pavilion at booth #2001. At the heart of the world’s most advanced digital products, ARM is expanding the mobile experience from sensors to servers. We will be demonstrating the latest ARM technologies and hosting presentations and tutorials. This year, we have 15 Partners in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion to showcase their technologies and demos based on ARM architecture. Here are part of the information of demos and panels, which may help you plan your visit in advance.

Cadence has different demos with ARM Cortex-M0 MCU IoT design, ARMv8 Mobile SoC performance analysis and verification, implementation of Cortex-A53/57 cores for advanced nodes, etc. 4 talks from Cadence at booth 2001 have been scheduled.

  • June 2, Monday, 2:35 - 3:00pm: ARMv8 Mobile SoC Performance Analysis and Verification
  • June 3, Tuesday, 11:35am - 12:00pm: Addressing MCU Mixed Signal Design Challenges
  • June 3, Tuesday, 3:15pm - 3:35pm: Best Starting Point for Implementation of Cortex A57/A53 Cores for Advanced Nodes
  • June 4, Wednesday, 10:35am - 12:00pm: Early OS bring-up for ARM-based Systems

And the competition has started! The ARM Step Challenge at DAC: Throwing Down the Gauntlet . Follow us on @ARMCommunity and Facebook to be updated with the result and DAC news.

We are glad to have support from Mentor Graphics. Steve Bailey, Director of Emerging Technologies and Shabtay Matalon, Market Development Manager will present at ARM booth #2007 separately:

  • June 2, Monday, 4:45pm: Block-to-System Verification of ARM-Based SoCs
  • June 3, Tuesday, 3:35pm: Vista Virtual Prototyping for HW/SW Debug and Analysis

If you are an early bird, don't forget the Samsung–ARM–Synopsys Breakfast: A Simple Formula for Success with Next-Generation Wearables to High-Performance SoCs. Monday, June 2, 7:30 – 8:45 am. Westin Hotel – Market Street – Metropolitan Ballroom I & II. Register now

VLAB Works / ASTC will be showcasing VLAB Virtual Prototyping System, Genesis and ARM Virtual Platforms and Models at booth #2001. These 2 videos may give you some information in advance VLAB Demo: Linux bring-up on ARM-based Design for Mobile , Cell phone with Android OS and Touchscreen.

Sensors_to_Servers.PNGDAC Partner logo.png

Here's a list of ARM-based presentations in the DAC conference:


Monday June 02


Time | LocationTitleSpeakers
10:30am - 12:00pm | Room 304Tutorial 11: Optimizing ARM-Based SoCs for Performance and Speeding System ValidationNetSpeed    Cadence     Robert Kaye - ARM
10:30am - 12:00pm | Room 302Tutorial 2: Low Power Circuit Design for Nano-Scale EraIBM      dflynn - ARM

1:30pm - 3:00pm | Room 309

4:30pm - 6:00pm | Room 303

Tutorial 10: Low Power at System and Software Levelchrisshore - ARM    Freescale


Tuesday June 03


Time | LocationTitleSpeakers
10:30am - 11:30am | Room 305RESEARCH PAPER SESSION: Facing Your Demons: Test Got You Covered!Chair:  robaitken - ARM
10:30am - 12:00pm | Room 306PANEL: Open Source Embedded Software: Savior or Slayer?Altera   Imperas Software  Linux Foundation      rodcrawford - ARM
12:00pm - 1:30pm | 220-226ADDITIONAL MEETING: The State of the FutureKrisztián Flautner - ARM
4:00pm - 5:30pm | Room 306PANEL: End-User Applications - Tests for Nothing and Verification for Freealannhunter - ARM    The specified item was not found.  Synopsys   Green Hills  IBM
4:00pm - 6:00pm | Room 304SPECIAL SESSION: Embedded Resiliency: Approaches for the Next DecadeVikas Chandra - ARM     Karlsruhe Institute of Technology       Univ. of California        Technical Univ. of Munich
4:00pm - 6:00pm | Room 101DESIGNER TRACK: Internet of Things: The Next Level in Human-Computer InteractionMisfit Wearables       Oracle     dominicpajak - ARM

4:00pm - 5:30pm | Room 300

Twist it, Break it or Build it? The Frontier of Design Technology Interface Chair: briancline - ARM



Wednesday June 04


Time | LocationTitleSpeakers
10:30am - 12:00pm | Room 101DESIGNER TRACK: Advanced Node Challenges for High Performance DesignsThe specified item was not found.  Rob Aiken - ARM  AppliedMicro
11:00am - 11:45am | Booth 313PAVILION PANEL: Connecting Everything: Architecting the Internet of Things

ON Semiconductor    Thomas Ensergueix - ARM    TSMC

1:30pm - 2:15pm | Booth 313

PAVILION PANEL: Hardware Security: Building Trustworthy Systems

Organizer: Brian Cline - ARM

4:00pm - 6:00pm | Room 304Devices That You Definitely Will (and Just Might) Use: Emerging Transistor Technologies for the Near-and Long-TermARM, IBM, Pennsylvania State Univ
4:00pm - 6:00pm | Room 101DESIGNER TRACK: Expanding Verification in Complex SoCsIBM, ARM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm


Thursday June 05, 9:15am - 9:25am | Ballroom 102

Finally, don''t forget the visionary talk from Dipesh Patel - Executive Vice President and General Manager, Physical Design Group, ARM

How will a Successful Piece of Content Help me or my Company?


Getting Yourself, Your Products and Services Known

I personally believe the first thing to reach new potential customers is for them to learn you exist. Being the author of a well read post is likely to mean people can find you in search engines and that they can find your products.

Writing is such platforms (not only on this community) is also a way to showcase your expertise: your company sell products but readers can gauge by themselves what you are really contributing.

They can also see how quick you reply to enquiries...


Using Your Contribution as Public Proof Point

When someone asks for credentials, or example, you should give links to your presence in relevant sites/communities/publications.

For recruitment in some fields, the number of contribution they did is one of the most important points... I would rather focus on quality than quantity though.

You can easily fake your CV or build a list of customers. It takes much more effort to fake dialogue with real people, or create the illusion of a useful contribution to your field.


You may never know if someone got to know your company or your products from the community first because we don't track users.

However, I strongly believe this can only help.

IoT, 3D Printing, etc. What are the people in the ecosystem talking about? If you are just looking around on the ARM Connected Community for industry trend and fun, you may be interested in the below popular posts.


internet-of-things.jpgHow I explained the IoT to my parents

As the PC repairer and iPad application installer, as well as the official family translator of “technical” (I believe some of you are), how do you explain the IoT to your parents? Try to answer below possible questions:

  • What exactly is IoT?
  • What, like PCs?
  • Why would anybody want to have their thermostat connected to the internet?
  • That is going to cost me a fortune in electricity!
  • ……


ERIKA Enterprise - Evidence SRL

I have to admit that when I first saw ERIKA Enterprise showing as the most visited product on the ARM Connected Community for January 2014, I was quite surprised (Normally big silicon providers occupy the top 3 on ARM Community). ERIKA Enterprise is a free open-source OSEK/VDX Hard Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Some people say that RTOS-ERIKA Enterprise - Evidence SRL -is becoming a reference for automotive market. Check out what they provide


Robox 3d pinter_transparent.jpg

3D printing and micro-manufacturing with Robox

There is no need for me to repeat how popular 3D printing is now. When will we all start having 3D printers in our home? Some people mentioned parts/spare parts for things; some people use 3D printing to make accent jewellery pieces; some dentists considering the purchase of a 3D-printing and milling machine to create new crowns in office. How cool is that?! What comes to your mind when you hear 3D printing? Com to join our discussion!



ARM Technology Symposium 2013 - Paris and the Community

The Symposium Paris is the rollout of the ARM TechCon in Europe every year. More than 40 Partners exhibited in 2013. Despite another French railway strike, more than 350 attendees (170+ companies represented) visited the showroom, attended keynotes and technical tracks. Check out what you can see from the ARM Connected Community Partners reunion.


Training and Education Providers for the ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) Program

There has been an increase in demand for ARM related courses since we launched the ARM Accredited Engineer program. If you are planning to take the exam, check this training provider list for the best result. There is another blog that you may want to have a look to help you prepare the exam Seven tips for ARM Accredited Engineer exam success

logo51.pngAt the Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco, CA, June 1-5, 2014, attendees can visit ARM technology-based demos and technical talks from ARM Partners in the ARM Connected Community Pavilion within the ARM booth highlighting the latest EDA and embedded techniques. Want to know how to join? Please contact Cedric W. Fellows at +1 (303) 951-5728

Participant must be a partner of the ARM Connected Community. If your company is not a member, register at to join this free program.

Partners who have joined the ARM CC Pavilion: Ansys Arteris Cadence Design Systems  The specified item was not found.  Lauterbach  Memoir Systems Mentor Graphics NetSpeed Systems Rambus  Sonics Space Codesign  TSSI  VLAB Works / ASTC  Zocalo Tech


Save the Date! October 1-3, 2014. Ranked one of the top three must-attend events in the embedded industry, ARM TechCon is more than a conference. TechCon’s unique 360-degree interactive training ground seeded to connect, instruct, advise and enable the world of electronic and ARM-based computer design provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of ARM-based technology. For information on how to become a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact


The ARM Technology Symposia is an annual series of worldwide events where many of our 1000+ ARM Connected Community Partners come together to learn and share valuable information concerning the latest ARM Roadmap and related technologies. Listed below are the sessions in Asia and Europe (9-10 cities) in addition to the regional contacts for each event. 



Contact Person

October 28

Seoul, Korea

Korea - Kay Kim


Phone: +82-31-712-8234

October 30

Tokyo, Japan

Japan – Kazuya Hata


Phone: +81-45-477-5129

November 6

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan – Christy Weng



November 7

Hsinchu, Taiwan

November 10

Shanghai, China

China – Nicole Sun

Phone:+86-21-6154 9137

November 12

Beijing, China

November 14

Shenzhen, China

November 18

Bangalore, India

India  - Sunil Kumar

Phone: +91 80 4928 2050

December 4

Paris, France

CAP15 conference center

France  Karin Benoit Cariou


Phone: +33 1 39 30 47 89

ReflexCes.jpgLast Thursday, the last ARM Technology Symposium of the year took place in Paris.

I was delighted to be able to attend for a couple of reasons. Very easy to access and in very nice settings, the event is well established.

This year had a record number of exhibitors with more than 40 Partners represented.

Also, despite another French railway strike, more than 350 attendees (170+ companies represented) visited the showroom, attended keynotes and technical tracks. Attendees will soon receive information to access the technical presentation material.


ARM Partners Exhibiting


MicrochipXilinxCadenceMentor EmbeddedSynopsys
FreescaleEBV ElektronikEnea SoftwareApache Design (ANSYS)Green Hills Software
LauterbachMathWorksMatrikonOPCOneSpin SolutionsSITRE
SigFoxSilicon LabsSTMicroelectronicsSYSGOTSMC
Antycip TechnologiesThe specified item was not found.CraftworkDigi InternationalDigital Solutions
DoulosHDL Design HouseInmoteL'Embarqué (magazine)MVD Training
RenesasSidenseAvnet/SilicaSonicsTarget Compiler Technologies


The Community

You can see that quite a few Partner spaces are unclaimed. Even if I obviously see value in the community for our Partners, I also understand that ARM is not the only community or site our Partners are engaged with... and everything takes time even if a little time on the ARM Connected Community could have great effect!


That is why I met with a few of the Partners I had met last year: to show what we have done thanks to their feedback, to present the next generation ARM Connected Community. There were a few points which kept coming back and I was delighted to be able to say they had been addressed.


1- Approvals were taking far too long

On the former system, all content posted on ARM corporate website was going through a review. This was a major advantage for our partners: as product managers in ARM had to approve the content, it meant our product managers were up to date on our Partner's offering. But, if you combine business travel, holidays and other bandwidth eating activities, it meant that approvals were sometimes taking too long.

On the new online ARM Connected Community, the review does not block publication. Our product managers are still reviewing content and our community owners make sure the content stays clean and relevant.


2- It was difficult to make modifications, update content

The second major source of negative feedback was that it was difficult to make modifications and some content had to be entered multiple times.

I was able to show how easily you can update content on this community, as I was walking around with a tablet. When working on multiple product specifications, the Copy functionality can take care of the basic formatting.

Also, for ARM Approved Training Centers (ATC), the update has been greatly simplified with the removal of the forced calendar. If they wish, our ATC Partners can use the News calendar for physical events, but that is not a requirement.

3- Type of content

A year ago, you could only host one picture per product description and you couldn't host documents. Today, not only can you add several pictures around the text and upload documents, but the content of the file (PDF, DOC, PPT) is also indexed by the community search engine! Of course, you still need to tag your content, but you now have an easy way to reuse white-papers or conference presentations you spent so much time creating!

Furthermore, we now support videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouKu so you can leverage your existing videos. But if you don't have (and don't want) a channel, you can also use the ARM Connected Community video streaming capability. Videos uploaded to the community will also be playable by our Chinese visitors (YouTube is not accessible from mainland China). Here is a video example: Introduction to the ARM Connected Community

SpotlightSiteWideSearch.png4- Search improvements

When doing a search, I believe you need to have a manageable number of results. With more than 900 Partner spaces, it is even more important to be able to drill down to find your best fit. Our new search available on every page of the community does this.

But the search also suggests relevant Partner content on most searches... suggesting your products and services to visitors along pertinent discussions.

See you next year?

I would like to welcome our new Partners to the ARM Connected Community!

If you attended whether as visitor or exhibitor, please tell us if you enjoyed the event and what we could do to improve it.

I am genuinely interested in hearing from you, so comment here or, if you want to do it privately, send us an email to


Now that you’ve joined the new online ARM Connected Community, how do you improve your chances of being found?  By setting up your profile with relevant information (especially tags), you will increase your chances of being found by users who are seeking yours and your company's expertise.


Your User Profile

profile.pngHere are some suggestions to improve you being found:

  • Complete your profile. To access your profile, please click your name or the icon to the left of Welcome. Then click Edit profile & privacy. Remember to add Expertise and Tags. Please review Recommended Tag List for suggestions.  Also think of the key words relevant to your company and industry.
  • Click the privacy tab and review privacy settings to select what you show (“Registered Users” for all but phone and email is advised).  Click Save.
  • Click your name or the icon to the left of Welcome again and select photo & avatar.  Add a profile picture, and select an avatar. Click Finished.


To limit the number of emails you receive, you may want to switch some notifications off:


Engage in the Community


You can ask questions in the Community Help section. This section also includes videos explaining the platform.

  • If you are not familiar with the interface, you may also read the QuickStart guides, House Rules for the ARM Connected Community, watch the videos and blogs that I’ve written with tips.  You may check out my Bookmarks to see the blogs.
  • Please do not edit the layout of your partner space. If you have a better idea, please contact us directly.


If you have a question for the ARM Connected Community team, please contact us (lorikate, Wenjun Zhang, pingzuo) via email at or directly through the system.

ask question.png


There is also a generic guide Setting Up Your Profile that contains useful tips.

I hope that these tips help you with connecting with your customers, Partners and peers.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  Several of the discussions I’ve started have been my most viewed pieces of content.  Others learn from the questions too.


I hope that these tips help you with connecting with your customers, Partners and peers.


Do I miss anything?  Please share your experiences with us.


My earlier blogs might help you with other tips and tricks:


Looking for other insight?  Let me know and I’ll research it and post it.

Getting feedback on how our content is doing and who is looking at it is something that most of us want.  We all have more things that we’d like to do than time to do it.  Having some insight on what marketing efforts are garnering the most gain is welcome feedback for marketers.


In my first blog on Reporting Reporting for Users: Get Feedback on How Your Content is Doing I detailed how I use daily reports from the community digest and instant views to understand which of my content is getting the most views and comments.


As I mentioned, I’m very pleased to report that one of the new features the ARM Connected Community offers is a breadth of reporting for the Partners on how their content is thriving in the community.  In this second reporting blog, I’ll share reporting insights for Partners on how they can find out how their content is doing and who’s looking at it.


There are 6 reports that Partners can view on their content:

  • User Adoption
  • User Leaderboard
  • Content
  • Content Leaderboard
  • Daily Activity
  • Answered Questions


Note these views are from September 3rd from the @Find_a_Partner section.  Early days as you can tell!  Yet they each contain insightful information.  Here are my thoughts:


Finding the Reports

So first, you probably want to know where to find the reports.   Login to your account and navigate to your place.  In this case, I’ve logged in as partneradmin who manages the Find a Partner area (but I won’t tell you the password.:) )  You can see a tab that says Reports.




When you click on that, you’ll see the Reporting Dashboard with the 6 reports mentioned above which will be described in some detail below.  Each can be click on for more detail.


User Adoption

So my rule of thumb for most reporting is to look at the trend more than the absolute number.

User Adoption.jpg


You can use the User Adoption graph to measure the extent of user engagement with the community over time.

Active Users

Users who have viewed at least one document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group overview page, space overview page, or project overview page in the previous 30 days.

Participating Users

Users who have commented on, replied to, liked, rated/voted, edited, or created at least one document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group, space, or project in the previous 30 days. It also counts any users who have joined a group in the previous 30 days.

Contributing Users

Users who have created at least one document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group, space, or project in the previous 30 days.


  • You can mouse over the lines in the graph to see actual counts for specific points in time.
  • These user counts include external contributors.


This report shows the number of Active, Participating and Contributing users.  Happily all 3 trends are up, albeit slightly.  In other social media, I’ve heard the rule of thumb of 1-9-90 where for every one person that contributes there are 9 people who comment/ retweet/ repurpose/ share content and 90 slight people who read the content.  The key for most communities is finding those active, content-creating users who will spur the activity in your community.


The difference between the 2 sets of figures that you see is a specific day (the box on the graph with the date) and the most current (last) day.  Other things to take into account are that typically the views and activities go down over the weekend.


With all the reports, you can do several customizations to serve your needs.  Honestly, I have tried any of these options yet, but I’m sure as I get more comfortable with them I will.  The one I’m most likely to use first is Download CSV so I can manipulate the data as I wish in Excel.




You’ll see the first option is to filter by tags. Have I mentioned enough the importance of tags in my past blogs? More specific to this blog, may I gently remind you to pay attention once more time to the tags because ‘garbage in, garbage out’ for reporting applies.  If the data isn’t tagged or input correctly, the the reports, and more importantly, the search function won’t work as well.  Please tag everything.


User Leaderboard

The question I am most ask by Partners with regards to reporting is Who’s Looking at my Content?

User leaderboard.png

The User Leaderboard lists the top 5 contributors with the most points in the last 90 days or date range you select. It shows their status points, and their following/followers count.


  • The full report shows the top 10 contributors.
  • Mouse over a user's name to see their pop-up profile.
  • The User Leaderboard includes external contributors.

Not surprisingly at this early stage of reporting, the top users are from ARM.  I’d recommend as time progresses that you review this report (as we will) to see who are the active users and to encourage those users to keep contributing.  Perhaps reach out to them and see how you can support them?  Or if they have any questions about your company?



This report shows the different types of content that are posted in your place.  It breaks down the content per type and percentage: Documents, Discussions, Blog Posts, Polls and Videos.


You can use the Content graph to track how much content is being created over time. When content is published, it increases the count.


  • You can mouse over the lines in the graph to see actual content item counts for a specific day.
  • The Total Content box provides a count of all content types that were published yesterday, or at the end of the selected date range
  • Total content includes content created by external contributors.
  • The Content Creation graph counts draft content on the day it's published.


Content Leaderboard

After you review the content type, you can review the specific pieces of content and authors and the views that they have received.


Content Leaderboard.png


The Content Leaderboard lists the top 6 pieces of published content with the most views in the last 90 days or date range you select. This report includes the content's title, author, and number of views. Because views shown in the Content Leaderboard reflect activity over the selected date interval, they typically differ from the number of views shown on content in the Web App. For more details, see Jive Help.


  • The full report shows the top 20 pieces of content.
  • This includes content created by external contributors.
  • The Content Leaderboard does not include draft content.


This report gives you insight into which pieces of content and which authors are most popular in your place.  We will use this report to drive more content that the community finds useful.

Daily Activity

This report shows the daily activity in your company place.


Daily Activity.jpg

You can use the Daily Activity graph to get a glimpse of the activity happening in your community each day.


The number of times a user viewed a document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group overview page, space overview page, or project overview page. This counts every view of the same piece of content, including views by the same user on the same day.


The number of times a user liked a document, discussion, blog post, status update, video, comment, or response.


The number of times a user replied to a discussion or commented on a document, blog post, status update, poll, video, or idea. This counts every response to the same piece of content, including responses by the same user on the same day.


The number of times a user revised a document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group, space, or project. This counts every revision to the same piece of content, including revisions by the same user on the same day.


The number of times a document, discussion, blog post, status update, poll, video, idea, group, space, or project was created.


  • On the full report, daily averages are provided below the graph for activity types.
  • You can mouse over the lines in the graph to see counts for a specific days activity types.
  • This includes activity generated by external contributors.
  • The Daily Activity report includes activity on draft content.


As I mentioned previously, please take weekends and holidays into account when comparing activity. When there is a large spike or dip, investigate as you can what caused it and see if you can repeat (or eliminate) the activity with similar content that drove the activity.  As for our spike on August 12, wenjunzhang published the ARM Connected Community Partnership Program document.  We’re not sure if that was the reason for the spike or not.  However, it did inspire us to share more content with How To guides.


Answered Questions

Finally, if you’re read this far, there is one final report to help you make the most out of the ARM Connected Community: Answered Questions.  This report gives you insight into how your users are getting responses to their inquiries.


answered questions.jpg


You can use the Answered Questions graph to see the number of questions with responses, with helpful answers, or with correct answers at different points in time. The totals underneath the graph provide total counts up to the end of the selected date range.


  • You can mouse over the lines in the graph to see actual question counts for a specific day.
  • This includes questions asked by external contributors.


Now obviously so far, our place hasn’t had many questions, but at least the answer rate is 100%.:) Again, I would review this report to ensure that most of the questions are answered.  I would also review who answers the questions to encourage those users and thank them for their contributions.


So for those that read this far, thank you!  I hope that you’ll find these new reports of User Adoption, User Leaderboard, Content, Content Leaderboard, Daily Activity and Answered Questions.


Do I miss anything?  Please share your experiences with us.

My earlier blogs might help you with other tips and tricks:


Looking for other insight?  Let me know and I’ll research it and post it.


Community Help

One of the allures of the new social mediums is the ability to get instant feedback on what’s doing well in the community.  I’m very pleased to report that one of the new features the ARM Connected Community offers is a breadth of reporting for the Partners on how their content is thriving in the community.  In this two-part series, I’ll share reporting insights for Partners and regular users on how they can find out how their content is doing.


User Reporting: daily reports and spot checking
Let me start with what applies to all users: your own content.  There are two main ways that I get feedback on how my content is doing and who is commenting on it: my daily report from the system and instant views on anything I’ve posted.


Daily Reports
While I know that signing up for one more daily email can seem daunting; I’m going to recommend that you do just that. I’ve found the daily email from the system to be very informative.

Your Content.png

Above is an image of from my daily email from the system on how my content was doing on September 8th.  It gives me a fast overview of what content has been the most popular and some guidance on what I should keep doing.  (Note: the content was posted on various days and that contributes to some of the variation in popularity.  Also some of the content are private messages to 1 or 2 members so there shouldn’t be a lot of views. )  The top 2 items are very different.  Can I delete a pdf without deleting the post? was a help question I posted in Community Help with 20 views and 6 comments. That encourages me that when I don’t know how to do something, it’s a good idea to post a question so others can learn how to do it as well.  Secondly, What’s EE Times’ Future Now? (And What’s Ours?) was a post about bfuller’s views about the recent changes in electronics media.  I added a short comment on my thoughts and that garnered a lot of interest.  Similarly some of my recent posts about blogs from Freescale on Freescale blog: Next generation of i.MX applications processors, a Interview and Video with MediaTek GM on future processors, big.LITTLE and an article posted by ARM on Getting started with ARM embedded MCU design did well, so the community likes a diversity of news on topics from networking, mobile devices and trends and MCU design are popular. You can see from the length of these posts that all were very quick to write.


Wondering how to set up the daily community digest?

  • Click on your picture on the upper right of every page, under the search box
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Everyday summary under Community Digest



Spot checking
Can’t wait until the daily report or that piece of content has fallen off your daily email?  There is still an option (as albanrampon told me in my question See views on your content?)


Go to the piece of content that you want to see the views on.  Typically, the views are just left of the tags and categories at the bottom left of the post.  See the views have doubles on this post since last week.


I hope that this quick blog on two ways to view the popularity of your content proves useful. In my next blog, I’ll describe the reports available to Partners in addition to the ones above.


Do I miss anything?  Share your tips and comments please.


My earlier blogs might help you with other tips and tricks:


Looking for other insight?  Let me know and I’ll research it and post it.



I’m passionate about making information easy to find.  Who wants to spend unnecessary time searching?  Therefore, I want to give some suggestions on how best to provide content on the online ARM Connected Community based on past experience, advice from community experts and gut feel.  First up: Company Overviews.



For your company overview, the first place to start is copying your company PR boiler plate.  Your marketing department has pored over the words in this description to best match what your company does.  Check out Arteris for an example.


ARM relevance

Next up is how you relate to ARM.  Given that it’s the ARM Connected Community, I recommend that you share how you relate to ARM; what products do you have that support ARM?  Review theFreescale Company Overview where they specifically mention “Designed with power- and cost-sensitive applications in mind, Freescale's portfolio of Kinetis microcontrollers (MCUs), Vybrid controller solutions, i.MX applications processors and QorIQ communications processors offers the highest level of integration, the most comprehensive software and hardware enablement and the broadest range of performance within the ARM community today.”



The online ARM Connected Community supports Chinese and Japanese characters. (Given my lack of knowledge, I won’t give a test here.)  For the Mandarin speakers, there also is a 中文社区 (Chinese) community to ask, communicate and share in Mandarin.


If you have your company boilerplate translated into Chinese, then I strongly recommend that you include that in the Company Overview document.  Again, see the Freescale Company Overview community for an example.


The reason I recommend the special emphasis on Chinese is because while 18% of the views to the community area of comes from the US, 14% come from China.  When we reviewed the top 30 companies’ views for 2Q13, 17 of the top 30 companies are from China and Taiwan.


Worried if you are copying the characters correctly (I know I would)?  No fear, just ask wenjunzhang or pingzuo to review what you’ve posted and they can help as they are bilingual speakers.  (I believe in the management philosophy of hiring smarter people than you.)



Do you have a picture that represents your company and/or its relationship with ARM?  Yes then add it to your company overview page as Xilinx and Freescale did.  For visual people like me, I am more immediately drawn to a picture then plain text.  Want tips on how to embed a picture?  Check out Any guidance on the best way to embed a picture in a post?



Yes, I know, I’m a broken record.  Like every piece of content, please tag the company overview for relevant terms within the ARM community.  Recommended Tag List by albanrampon gives some great suggestions as a start. 


I hope that the tips of basics, ARM relevance, China, pictures and tagging guide you in creating better company overviews.

Do I miss anything?  Share your tips please.

My earlier blogs might help you with other tips and tricks:


Looking for other insight?  Let me know and I’ll research it and post it.

Thanks to patrickgribben for suggested edits.

So the best part of my job is talking to Partners.  They ask questions.  I post them on Community Help to get the answers.  Then I learn the answers and get to share them with the original Partner as well as other Find a Partner.  So here’s another blog with some recommendations on how to make the most of the ARM Connected Community.


Are you a Partner who has regular updates their software or tools?  You might be wondering how to best share the updates.  Here are our recommendations based on the the advice from Community manager Alban Rampon based on his response in Document Life Cycle - Delete or Not Delete?

What about refreshing the content of my document to make it more relevant?

As the community grows and some information changes, the ideal would you update the existing document rather than creating a new one from scratch.

Why? Because if I read a document and I like/comment/follow, it means I will receive an update when you bring that content up to date.

Some other drawbacks of starting new documents are:

  1. Creating very similar documents would make it difficult for the reader to find the correct one,
  2. Deleting a document means every external links to that content will be broken, you lose your search engine place,
  3. Your new document will start without followers, and therefore it will take longer for your content to be noticed.


So I recommended this approach to Linaro Jennifer Castelino and Steve Taylor who inspired this question.  If you have regular updates to your tools or software, we suggest creating one document and then updating it with the new releases.  In addition, I’d suggest News for the document to share in the News Community.   


Alban added some more advice on these updates.

Assuming that you already have mailing lists for users to subscribe to every move, we wouldn't want to duplicate what it already available and working elsewhere.  That is why only explaining the major milestone seems to be an easier and better option for me (Alban recommends and I agree because we all get too many emails).


The features of a product can be edited in the document describing that product. Users wanting to know what changes occurred can use the diff (revision difference) functionality between versions. If the user can keep a monthly update, that could be a good start without being a burden. Then, if members want more regular updates, they are free to ask for it.


**End of Update**


As a reminder, remember to TAG all content.  That’s the best way to increase your visibility and relevance in the community. Looking for tips on tagging? Check out Recommended Tag List.

My earlier blogs might help you with other tips and tricks:


Looking for other insight?  Let me know and I’ll research it and post it.

Even though my first blog 4 Reasons Why I’m Excited about the New Online ARM Connected Community® for Partners was fairly long, it just didn’t cover all the reasons why I’m excited for the new online ARM Connected Community (CC).  I’ve since decided I just will have to do a series of blogs to share about the new features, functionality and benefits for the ARM Partners.  Today I’ll cover video that will improve your communication about your ARM-based products and services.


Today’s video

Many Partners regularly are using videos for product launches, “how to” demonstrations and recording of keynote speeches.  ARM’s channel, includes all of these types and most of them are focused on our Partners.  (We also have a YouKu channel as well.)  One of the great flexibilities of YouTube is the ability to favor videos from other YouTube channels, which ARM regularly does with our Partners’ ARM-based videos (and we encourage Partners to favor ARM’s.)  (If you want to suggest a video for us to favor, please send an email to


New video support

On the new community, Partners can upload videos from their computer, your videos, the web and even record one from their webcam if you’re so inspired.  You may embed the video and/or create a hyperlink to it.  How hard is it to do?   Easy!  As I usually do when writing these blogs, I create a post to check it out.  I added ARM TechCon Keynotes: Servers, Medical and ARM CEO and embedded Daniel Kraft’s video from the ARM TechCon website. It all starts with the simple video icon below:




Other advantages: China

The reasons for adding video to the new online CC are numerous and include the traditional reasons: easy way for engineers to learn about your products, driving traffic to your channels and reusing your content on this community.  Or more simply, everyone likes video.  There’s one additional reason I’d callout for Partners: uploaded videos on the online CC can be seen in China.  Haven’t started your social media in China yet?  Let the ARM community start for you.


I hope these reasons and your own will encourage you to add video to your Partner profile and posts.


Want to hear about something else?  Let me know and I’ll write about it in my next blog.

For the last seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of leading the efforts of helping ARM Partners communicate their messages to the ARM ecosystem through the ARM Connected Community®.  I’m lucky that ARM's business model, vision and goals are driven by supporting our Partners to succeed. Simply, the more successful our Partners are, the more successful ARM is.


There have been several major changes in recent years that many of you may remember that have increased the strength of the ARM ecosystem: promotion of Partners in ARM Powered® products (including in ARM’s 2012 Annual Report), making the Connected Community free, adding social media channels for Partner use and the creation of sub-communities on the ARM website.  The latest major improvement that I want to share is moving to a new proven community-based platform.  I’m excited about this change for the Partners because it will:


  • make it easier to design with the ARM architecture;
  • increase the number of developers and engineers active in the community;
  • increase the visibility of Partners in these discussions –
  • all be enabled on a technology-leading community platform

Making It Easier to Design with ARM

The overall goal of the ARM Connected Community program is to "Make it Easier to Design with the ARM architecture."  Through a variety of technical and marketing channels, ARM aims to provide developers and engineers with additional tools that speed their ARM-based designs to market. It’s more than just the hardware and software designers who build the chips – it’s also the software ecosystem that adds their products and services on top of the ARM-based chips.  From the current online catalog, the views demonstrate that the software Partners are the most visited.  A growing number of inquiries also are one more level of abstraction from the software providers from the OEMs and Operators who sell the ARM-based devices to consumers.


There have been multiple tools available for the Partners to use.  The online catalog has grown from 15 Partners in 2001 to more than 1000 Partners with more than 2000 products with an average of 200,000 views per quarter. ARM’s social media efforts started in earnest four years ago and ARM’s efforts have been award-winning.  Much of the content is from and/or about the ARM Partners.  For example, Partners have submitted over 100 blogs for publication.  The ARM discussion forums contain questions about the ARM architecture as well as about our Partner solutions.  However, these systems aren’t linked.  Users had to be an expert in ARM systems to find different types of information.  Not exactly hitting our goal of Making it Easier to Design with ARM.


I believe that communities require three elements in order to be useful for users: Design Products, Design News and Design Help. By combining the present online catalog, ARM blogs and forums (and adding a bunch of new features), the new online platform eliminates the requirement to know what system to go to get information.  One place to get information and answers. Now that is Easier.

Welcome engineers and developers!

Asking questions now is easy!  In the current ARM systems, questions could be asked, but it was hard to do so and had limited functionality.  Issues couldn’t be debated.  It was hard to get updates.  There also wasn’t a way to follow topics, users and Partners who were in only your area of interest.  1000 Partners is great for diversity, but not so good when you want to hear about a subset of the topics in your interest areas.


Google solved the problem of finding information.  Facebook solved the problem of finding information that your friends like.  The new online platform allows users and Partners to share, follow and identify information by theme and tag.  You can follow a user, theme, Partner and/or discussion when you find them interesting.  So you get the subset of the discussions that you want.

This tagging allows quicker answers without having to know the ‘best’ place to ask the question or find the information.  If a question is posted in the forums, one can answer it and point to a blog post that has some relevant information.  Or one can post a question in a themed community such as Internet of Things and someone can answer the question by pointing to documentation in their Partner profile.


In additional to the financial investment, ARM is investing with the ARM teams’ time.  ARM generates about 20 blogs a month and those will be in the new community.  In addition, there is a dedicated community owner for each area of the community. Why? So the information is current and questions are answered more quickly.

Partners are part of every search result

Perhaps the feature that I’m most excited about is improved search!  Three pieces of improved functionality are:

  • Search on every page in the upper right
  • Auto fill (suggestions) of search terms (and tags)
  • Three types of recommendations returned with each result: Content (whitepaper, blog, FAQ, etc.), People (members who are discussing this topic), Partners (Partner companies who are discussing the search term)


Take the example below with the search term "Embedded".  Content recommendations (only one shown) include a product description Adeneo Embedded demonstrates expertise with Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (WEC2013) (with a video), People with Embedded in their profile including bradnemire who is the Embedded community manager and 5 locations such as the Adeneo Embedded company.


Blog search.png

These diverse search results increase the likelihood of finding the information that the user is looking for.  Also, it highlights content with the most synergies with the topic, including the Partners who are most talking about that topic.


How is the search generated? How does a Partner appear higher in the search results?  Update your profile with tags relevant to your expertise and actively participate in the community (either by going directly to the site or via email prompts).


What is the cost to you? It’s free for Partners and users.  ARM is investing in the leading-edge community platform to help the ecosystem.


I hope that you’ll check out the ARM community and see for yourself what I’m so excited about.  What do you think: are we achieving our goal of Making It Easier to Design with ARM?


Questions? Comments?  Let me know.



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