Under Review
over 2 years ago

Simple Markdown-editor as the main post editor

Currently, the main editor uses a Word-like WYSIWYG interface. However, this has multiple problems:

  1. It does not follow the website theme anyway
  2. As with all WYSIWIG editors, it's quite cumbersome to use
  3. It can mess up at times, and the only solution will be editing the HTML by hand, using the "Tools → Source code" editor.
  4. It seems to be so CPU intensive on some platforms that some people will avoid the whole ARM Community completely, since they cannot participate in it.
  5. It can be abused to create post difficult to read

While I understand that some people posting on the ARM Community are oblivious to anything involving markup languages, I still think that a large proportion are tech-savyy people who already know, or can quickly learn, the basics of Markdown.

The Github flavor of Markdown being a flavor that plays nicely with programming websites, while still being simple to use, I feel that a Github flavor Markdown editor would provide the following benefits:

  1. Simple. One sharp character for a title, two for a subtitles, ...
  2. Very light. (It's only text)
  3. Can be parsed directly in Javascript to provide an optional quick preview mechanism. (Javascript can still be unbearable on some devices)
  4. Compatible with most content producing software, which could be used with the new API Key mechanism.
  5. Produce HTML content limited to what the Markdown parser can produce.
  6. Makes copying/backing up the content of a document/post simple.

The WYSIWYG editor can still be kept optional for people who really do not want to use Markdown.

  • Hi Myy

    V10 brought with it the cut down editor which you have previous said you liked (with the exception of 'Enter to comment' enabled by default'!

    Discussing this with the product team, it appears the complexity of the integration with the customised tinyMCE editor would make this extremely challenging to implement, especially in terms of disruption to the upgrade path. 

    We also now have access to content filtering, and some more control over what elements can be changed in the WYSIWYG editor, so fonts and backgrounds have been removed as options in most applications, which also helps to maintain brand and readability.

    Could you let me know how you are getting on now, and if you still feel this would be a worthwhile improvement considering the updates over the last few months?

    There is still the option of raising a feature request with the platform vendors to include support for markdown, which I think might be a decent compromise.