Maybe... For dynamism...

Just a suggest

It could be interesting that the Content Filter be positioned directly on more recent, to help to follow of the live trending posts.
It may give more dynamism to the community ?

  • Happy to see that this idea has grown up the dynamism of the content

  • Well done ! The content stream really makes the place more lively !

  • I feel that's better like that ! Great job :)

  • Hi

    Thanks for the feedback on this.

    I took two actions - on was to create an additional filter on each Community home page that defaults to all content. I'm looking into ways to make more use of the desktop real estate and perhaps have a popular thread widget, but if I'm honest, activity on a thread will make content in the recent activity stream surface more frequently anyway.

    The second was to create a custom page that displays content from across the site, and linked it to the 'Content' link in the top nav. It was previously linked to an unfiltered advanced search, and the engine was having a little trouble returning results in a timely fashion.

    This page should serve both ARM support users and super users much better. Check out the content filter tabs across the activity stream to narrow down what you would like to see.

  • Or, you could also do something like the mbed main page, with three columns showing the latest blogs/news, questions and activity.

  • A "latest news" stream and a "latest discussions" stream, with tagged content and a global tag/category filtering system would fit perfectly.

  • Hi

    I've converted this into an idea.

    Would you like to see a global list of trending content, from all Communities?

    Or an additional filter per Community, with all types of content?

    I like both approaches, but I think that a global stream, as the Community grows, might contain too much unfocuses content. That being said, I think this might work as a superuser function for established members.

  • Clearly, I miss the old "Community Activity" stream.