Complete 24/02/2017. Added Community features & ideas option to the main navigation.

Make the "Ideas" section more visible

While it's nice to be able to provide new suggestions and ideas about the new ARM Community website, I'm pretty sure that most users are completely oblivious about the existence of such section.

The main reason being that the "Ideas" link is only visible from the top navigation menu of the "Community Help" community, and I'm not sure that many people pay attention to this menu.

Putting it in the main navigation menu, after Communities, like this :

  • Ideas
    • About the ARM Community website

would increase the visibility of this section.

Splitting the link into a "menu"/"sub-menu" might be useful if you intend to add "Ideas" sections to other popular communities.

  • Hi

    As I mentioned I'd like to keep 'Ideas' centralised here, unless there becomes a popular use case for collecting and examining ideas on different subjects.

    The navigation is still limited in terms of functionality. We have to wait for the next design iteration (or it's functionality is improved in a product update) before we can extend it more.

    A scalable menu system is important to manage content discovery and information architecture as the community grows. For now though this will serve.

  • I see that the link is now present in the "Content" sub-menu. I guess that it will stay here until new ideas sections get added ?

  • Hi

    Well, a simple menu can do. Something like the "Communities → ...". So, here it would be

    "Ideas ↓

    ARM Community

    Other section



  • Hi

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    There is a limitation in the main nav widget that currently prevents it from supporting sub menus in the horizontal configuration.

    There's no reason why we can't link to this section from other places, and/or have it as a main nav item though to raise visibility. I want to keep ideas centralised where possible as it assists with management. There are a couple of other ideas sections in hidden areas.

    Our QA site will be up soon so I'll look at options and a solution as I think this is a great idea.