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Key Trends That Will Shape the Future of the Car Maintenance Industry

We are living in a time where technological and scientific breakthroughs have a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. That may have always been the case, but what is different now is that those changes are more rapid than ever, which means we need to adapt much more quickly than ever. Car maintenance is no exception, since it too has been subject to many new trends recently.

While some time ago drivers also had to know much more about the cars they were driving in order to fix any problems, some studies show alarming facts when it comes to how much current drivers know about their vehicles. It seems that many people find it overwhelming to react to warning lights, for example. For them, technology is not helpful when it comes to car maintenance, although it should be. Let’s take a look at some trends that experts believe will shape the future of the industry.

The Internet

It’s quite clear that the Internet of Things will be playing a much more dominant role in the future. While most cars now simply inform you that there is a problem with the engine, in the future, cars will send real-time data to the manufacturer and we’ll be able to get the precise information about the problem, as well as an option to immediately schedule services at the nearest garage. We’ll also be receiving e-mail alerts once our cars reach a certain mileage, after which an oil change is due.

For those who have young drivers in the family, there is good news. Namely, it’s expected that we will be able to receive notifications if young and inexperienced drivers are speeding, for example. Another use of the Internet to improve car maintenance will be an option to automatically track mileage in a cloud-based spreadsheet.

Modern mechanics

With so much cutting-edge technology used in car manufacturing, we can safely assume that repairs are going to become more complex and complicated and that traditional mechanics will no longer be skilful enough to perform these works unless they embrace technology. Another problem is that even now, for example, 80% of Australians are wary of being ripped off by a mechanic. That number could go even higher, unless people find trustworthy experts, such this reliable mechanic in Perth, who comes to your home or workplace with hi-tech diagnostic equipment to help you fix a problem without you having to drive to the garage.

Artificial intelligence

As AI is becoming increasingly present in our lives, we can expect it to play a more prominent role in future care maintenance as well. Let’s say your car simply won’t start one day. The car’s on-board AI will determine what the potential problems might be. Then, the car will ask the driver a few questions and look at photos of certain engine parts and determine the cause of the problem. Next, it will direct the owner to the nearest shop to get a spare part or a garage where the problem can be fixed.

Software updates for e-cars

Tesla is probably the most famous company that issues software updates for its cars. Every few months, Model S owners receive updates wirelessly, which means they don’t have to go to a garage. The updates are used to enhance the car’s performance and efficiency and so far, they are working quite well. It’s only normal to expect more manufacturers to follow suit and help buyers get the most of their car without having to visit a garage. The information regarding the car’s performance is collected regularly and used for future updates. This is particularly important for electric cars in terms of their battery consumption and we will surely see such cars cover longer distances with improved battery performance soon.

3D printing

With 3D printing finding its use almost everywhere, we can safely assume that it will be increasingly popular in car maintenance, too. For instance, owners that have problems finding some spare parts for their vehicles can turn to this approach. So, rather than visiting junkyards in search of “hard-to-find” parts, original parts will be 3D scanned and the newly created products will be printed and installed. This will help many car owners and with the 3D printing technology developing rapidly and becoming more affordable, the car maintenance industry is sure to make the most of it.

There is no stopping of technological development, as we have seen. If we manage to overcome the fear of fast and drastic changes and embrace the benefits of the progress, our lives will become easier and our cars will be able to receive the best possible care.