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Efficient Tips for Boosting Brand Awareness

The simplest way to make people buy from you is to build a relationship based on trust with them. Still, in order to trust you, they need to know a thing or two about your business, which leads us straight to the topic of brand awareness. This is the stage that comes after the brand recognition and it involves people not just recognizing but also knowing a thing or two about your business model as a whole. With that in mind, here are several efficient brand awareness boosting tips that you would do well to memorize.

1.      Use influencers

Nowadays, people prefer to choose their own source of information, which often means turning to influencers. Think about it, when they want to learn more about fitness, they usually turn to their favorite personal coaches on YouTube, while when they want to learn about nutrition, they go to their favorite food blog. This means that if you find the right influencer (someone with enough authority in your niche or industry), you might give your brand awareness a substantial boost in as little as several days.

2.      Make branded packaging

No matter how solid your marketing strategy is, you want your products to become your best representatives. Think about brands like Apple and Coca-Cola. While there are many celebrities endorsing them, articles written about them, history revolving around them and the implications of their involvement in various events, the product is always a centerpiece. When someone makes a mention of Apple, people instantly think of iPhones. When they mention Coca-Cola, people are more likely to visualize a bottle or a can than a Christmas commercial or corporate headquarters. This is why you need branded packaging.

3.      Invest in SEO

Another thing you can do in order to boost your brand awareness is improving your SEO efforts. Namely, this doesn’t only increase the trustworthiness of your website but also a number of people who use you as a reference and mention in their own content marketing. After all, you’re incredibly unlikely to become a resource if people have to go through several pages of Google search to reach you. If your digital marketing is on a tight budget, as it is, you can start considering developing a do it yourself SEO strategy.

4.      Become more active on social networks

Engaging your audience in social networks is yet another great way to boost their awareness of your brand. By commenting on their content, liking it and sharing it, you’ll inspire them to try and learn more about you. This is not only how brand awareness grows but how brand loyalty is born, as well. Nonetheless, becoming more active on social networks is not enough, seeing as how you need to attract the right kind of attention. Use social media contests, giveaways and even start initiatives in order to demonstrate what your business is really about.

5.      Use a referral program

Using a referral program is the simplest way to turn every single one of your customers into a brand ambassador. The way in which this works is fairly simple, you present your audience with a reward for bringing other people in. Every marketing technique rests on the idea that you’re supposed to provide some value to your target audience. Here, this value is material, regardless if it’s in a form of a gift or a discount. Due to the fact that these newcomers will also be eligible for this kind of reward, you can expect that the spread of your brand awareness will grow exponentially.

6.      Start podcasting

Lastly, by podcasting, you can make people interested in your brand by first being interested in your personality. One of the ways to interpret this is to say that podcasts make the information more personal, due to the fact that they maintain a format that is similar to that of a traditional discourse. In fact, this also gives you an opportunity to combine all of the techniques listed above. Not only is this a form of content that can be shared on social networks but it is also a way to turn yourself into an influencer. Most importantly, you can also host giveaways and contents on your podcast and do all of this at a relatively low cost.


Innovation is a tricky concept and just because you’re far ahead of your competition, in terms of product quality, at the moment, doesn’t mean that this will remain true in the future. So, when this gap narrows down, what is to make people still want to buy from you? Most likely, this will be the fact that they are already familiar with your product, which comes as a direct result of brand awareness.

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