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  • For a better sorting of people searches

    • Under Review
    • 1 Comment
    Hi, Research on : - first name - Job title - Profession don't give us relevant informations in my opinion. It might be useful to modify these sortings by more significant values ​​such as: - Areas of expertise - Quality of publications - Online...
    • 9 Jan 2017 11:10 AM
  • How about a fun community?

    • Under Review
    How about one community devoted to fun topics like showcasing strange or useful things people have used ARM processors for or things which have been noticed which might appeal to a chip designer but are not specifically ARM or fund raisers associated...
    • 31 May 2017 10:27 AM
  • Automatic translation

    • Under Review
    As Jerome Decamps says in Could we live in a reunified kingdom ? it would be good if something could be done about multiple languages. If messages could be automatically translated when they are not in ones's repertoire that would help interaction...
    • 29 Jan 2017 9:30 PM
  • Disappearing smileys :C

    • Under Review
    When you insert an UTF-8 smiley, from the EMOTICONS block, TinyMCE swap them with emoji pictures. You can test using a smiley from this list :
    • 30 Jun 2017 10:00 PM
  • Simple Markdown-editor as the main post editor

    • Under Review
    • 1 Comment
    Currently, the main editor uses a Word-like WYSIWYG interface. However, this has multiple problems: It does not follow the website theme anyway As with all WYSIWIG editors, it's quite cumbersome to use It can mess up at times, and the only solution...
    • 9 Jan 2017 10:18 AM
  • Efficient Tips for Boosting Brand Awareness

    • Under Review
    The simplest way to make people buy from you is to build a relationship based on trust with them. Still, in order to trust you, they need to know a thing or two about your business, which leads us straight to the topic of brand awareness. This is the...
    • 29 Oct 2018 10:14 AM