Is the DS18b20 rugged enough to survive mounting on a diesel engine?

I am working with a small group of marine diesel enthusiasts on an open source Arduino engine monitoring system for engines that were built before electronic monitoring systems were stock.

We are considering using the DS18b20 temp sensor in several places to monitor raw water and the anti-freeze side of the engine. I have reviewed the specifications for DS18b20 and the temperatures are well within tolerance (nothing higher than 230 degrees). I've also reviewed

Here is the date sheet of

Assuming keeping the temperature within tolerance and the unit water-tight, is the DS18b20 likely to handle the vibrations it would experience mounted on a diesel?

There are thermocouples included in the monitoring system, like for the exhaust gas temperature and they have held up well so far. However they require extra hardware compared to the DS18b20. Also, the DS18b20 is more accurate and more of them can be accommodated on a stock Uno. We are planning on putting them at the following locations:

  • raw water inlet (sea water temperature)
  • raw water outlet (after the heat has been removed from the engine)
  • coolant before going through heat exchanger (typically 190F, could be as high as 230F, alarm goes off at 210F).
  • coolant after going through the heat exchange (typically 160F degrees)
  • engine room temperature
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