Serial Monitoring of HZ12B1 Parallel Port Data

Hello all. Thanks for taking up your time to read my post.

I would like to examine the string of data being outputted from an industrial equipment's HZ12B1 connector as the datasheet of  that is being sent to a printer. I was thinking I need to convert this 25 pin parallel connection to USB type A, which would then be plugged into my PC and then examined using a serial monitor.

My question is what kind of hardware could I use to convert this parallel data to USB?

Do I only need the data 0 - 7 pins and ground pin on the HZ12B1 connector to analyze the data on my PC?

Is there any arduino library out there that could convert this data?

I appreciate any help. This is my first time dealing interfacing a HZ12B1 connector to USB. I've done some research on the parallel communication and seem to have hit a wall.

Can anyone help me ? I am very puzzled about this question. I do need your help.

thanks in advance