Incorrect email notification on *automatic* moderation

When a reply is auto-moderated, the notification email says (my emphasis):

Your forum reply [subject], in [forum]  was flagged by other users (sic) as inappropriate and doesn't appear on the site right now.

Which is not true!

Also, the pop-up on the forum at the time of posting says,

All (sic) replies are moderated.

Which also does not appear to be true - because most replies are not!

  • Hi Andy, sorry I missed this for so long. We are seeking a new community manager to triage this type of observation, which is important.

    On the first point, I think this an accurate observation. First glance options are:

    • change the language to accurately represent the rule / system / mechanism that triggered the moderation (UX: information), or;
    • remove the 'auto' statement and soften the language around 'flagged' and 'by other users, (UX: generalise the info and reduce alarmist language).

    My preference is for the second option, since in practice our content teams ae monitoring the moderation queues in the UK working day, and everything gets turned around in a minimum 24 hour period (longer at the weekend, but traffic/activity drops to virtually nothing then, and on holidays).

    On your second point, the message is inaccurate, it should say 'All children relies are moderated' for accuracy - however that language may not be understood very well by non-native English speakers. I'll ponder if this is even required, since that level of detail isn't really helpful for anyone, given the above statement and process.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Let me know if you have any additional thoughts on the above thoughts. I'll hand this to appropriate person next week but i cannot specify a delivery time on this improvement.


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