Connected Community stylesheet support


How can I append stylesheet information on Connected Community pages?

When I go into html edit mode and add <style>...</style> tags, they get stripped by the system on save.



  • The <style> tag is indeed not supported.

    I wouldn't advise to change the formatting in case the branding was to change, but here are a couple of pointers to change cell background, alignment and other things as I believe the question has tables in mind.

    NOTE: changing the default style may make your content illegible if the default style was to be updated at a later date. Also, if changes made significantly modify the look or the behaviour of the page, we will remove it so it matches the rest of the community. For instance, we remove inline CSS changing the font to Calibri.

    Tweaking Table Style Through the Rich Text Editor

    You can modify the full table, the row, the column or a single cell through the editor.

    For this, click left in a cell belonging to the range you want to edit (the table, the row you want to edit), then you will have a table icon displayed.

    Click on that icon, then you select which range you want to edit.

    Then, you have a full menu for that range.

    Style Guide - Edit Table gives you the first steps to get to the edit menu. Then you can see below the different menus. Changing anything will override the default style. The value shown are not the default style.

    Edit StyleEdit HeaderEdit Cell
    TableEditStyle.png TableEditHeader.png TableEditCell.png

    Tweaking Table Style Through Inline Style

    The same way pasting content from Word or Outlook produces ugly HTML with inline style, you can add your inline CSS.

    For this, switch to HTML and then add style=" ;" in the tag you wish to tweak.

    NOTE: if you get your tags wrong, you might lose the full post as it will remove erroneous HTML.

  • Does that address your question? If so, may you please mark a correct answer. Otherwise, would you need any other precision?