Can I use AXI speck for Udemy classes

Dear Forum,

Hope this is right place to ask.

I am planning to create Udemy (online education platform) lectures related to AXI protocol usage in Xilinx FPGA.

Can I use AXI speck for my lectures? Like use screanshots from that speck, tell students the link of the speck and show to speck parts in the lecture?



  • Hi Hayk,

    When you download any AMBA specification there is an End User License Agreement (EULA) displayed that you need to agree to first, and that lists what you can (and cannot) use the AMBA specification for.

    However as using it for generating training material to then be used for an online platform isn't a standard use case, that isn't discussed in the EULA.

    Therefore this is something you will likely need to get specific permission for, so not something we can discuss here. Therefore please could I ask you to use the "Support" menu in the bar at the top of this page, and follow the "Open a support case" link ?

    This will ask you to either login or register on our "developer" website, and once in there you can go to the "Technical Support" area and open a new case. Select "I don't have a product" and then fill out the support case template form repeating your question, and please mention my name so that it gets passed to me so that I can follow this up to ensure you get a reply.

    Sorry for this additional work for you to do, but this isn't something I can give a generic reply to in the forum, so it needs a 1-1 discussion.


    Colin Campbell

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