Re: Arm cortex-A5

Hi Friends, greetings of the day...

I am new to this Arm community and very beginner to work on Arm cortex... 

I am doing some investigation on a multi-core processor.

1. Can some one please tell me what is the power consumption of arm cortex A5  core ? 

There is a default core from which i am going to enable A5 core and measure the current.

2. Should there be any change in the power consumption, if A5 is operating at different clock rates?

Hope my question is clear and sorry if there is any mistake : )

Please reply... Thanks

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  • Hello, ARM develops the architecture and licenses it to other companies, therefore power consumption of particular processor depends on implementation of processor core design.

    Find out who produces your ARM Cortex A5 processor and get its datasheet with information about power consumption.

    I give you example of two processors with the same core design but different implementations:

    1) NXP i.MX 6 Series Applications Processors with ARM Cortex A9 core;

    2) Texas Instruments Sitara AM4x Processors with ARM Cortex A9 core.