NAND Initialization failed

I have project based on LPC1788 with Nand flash and 2 SDRAM interfaced. after sometime my file system is getting corrupt , i have read the free memory space in nand flash but it is not full at single time also , but why file system data is corrupted dnt knw..
and my file system related operation is getting failed..

And after power On the machine, at the initialization of nand flash where init_fsinit() is called , i got return value of retv :4

0 - No error. 1 -IO/driver initialization failed,or media initialization failed. 2 - Volume Error.For FAT this means invalid MBR, boot record, or invalid FAT formatting. 3 - Driver Configuration Error. As a result of wrong configuration settings in File_Lib.c 4 - Journal initialization failed. FAT was initialized, but the FAT journal initialization failed. This could be due to the lack of free space on the media or invalid journal structure. File system is OK. Files can be opened, read, written, closed without using the journal.

I have selected FAT journal in config.c file.

Someone plz help us out..or give me more info related to the same issue when such issue will occur?

Thanks in advance

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