Linker Command-line Options not recognized with ARMLINK V5.06

I'm migrating from Keil uVision to VS Code, where I provide my own set-up of build flags for ARMCC toolchain. The version of tools I'm using for building my application are the following:

I'm trying to use certain linker options that would allow me to use GCC-based linker file .ld. Otherwise by default a .sct or .scat file is used to define application memory layout.

For example, both Keil and my VS Code setup use this version of ARM toolchain. However, Keil is allowed to use linker options like "--scatter", "--list", "--info". Whereas when using ARMCC and ARMLINK from VS Code, I get error:

Fatal error: C3900U: Unrecognized option '--scatter'

And for a reference, I'm using this documentation from ARM to identify and properly use compiler/assembler/linker options. So my question would be, why I cannot use these options although ARMLINK documentation (of the ARMLINK version I use) provides syntax for them?