Leaving the ARM Connected Community.

As the latest JIVE update made it impossible for me to enjoy the ARM Connected Community, I have decided to leave.

There's nothing wrong with the members of the community, JIVE just is not a tool anymore.

Writing a message takes at least 20 minutes for me. The CPU-fan is running at its highest speeds, the caret writes one character per second (at most), I can not figure out how to navigate this new JIVE.


JIVE is simply not fun like it once was (the very first version presented on the ARM Connected Community was, but it's become more and more impossible to use with each update).

I can't handle it anymore, so I'm sorry to leave messages and comments unanswered - please know that it's only because I am not able to use the web-site , that you do not receive a reply.

I did attempt to write a reply to a private message sent to me, but after spending a long time writing it and inserting links, the message was simply thrown away.


For the JIVE developers: SIMPLE is good. I do not care at all for pop-smart graphics and (frustrating) popup-boxes (which makes me forget what I wanted to do).

If you need to get in touch with me, you may be able to find me on the Armbian Forum.

  • You deserve a new computer just for the help and the contributions you gave until now...Thanks for all your efforts Jens!

  • This is a great loss for the community :(

  • I think that the new website is not based on Jive but Telligent ( https://www.telligent.com/ ).

    Though, I feel that the new Word-like Wysiwyg should be optional and a light and simple 'Github flavor' Markdown editor should be used as the main editor.

  • Indeed, Jens the new platform is based on Telligent and no longer on Jive. Maybe Carl will can give us more explanation about this choice in the next information bulletin :)

  • Hi Jens

    Really sorry to hear you've taken this decision. I do understand where you're coming from a simplification perspective.

    As Jerome and Myy mentioned, we have moved platforms now to Telligent, which gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of development and integration so we can get more of the stuff done that members like.

    So things will be improving but I know your particular configuration has been challenging before. I hope you pop back again soon to see if things have got better.

  • For Carl sure he will come back, he love us so much :D

  • I see your point okay. Today was the first day I tried clicking on 'Content' when anything happened, those other times I just left in disgust And this is my post since the change too, which seems to be working without your problems thankfully.

  • Hi

    The original content solution didn't work as the site-wide unfilter advanced search keep chugging in the background, so based on a couple of ideas, this one in particular: www.community.arm.com/.../maybe-for-dynamism, we developed a better option.

    I'll be meeting with the project team this week to discuss other ideas and priorities.

    Please do let me know if there is anything you are unhappy about or missing in the ideas section of Community Help so we can work on improvements.

    I'm moving this blog to Community Help as the content is not aligned with Processors.

  • I had the same unpleasant impression at the beginning...

    I know too well that Carl is not the only decision-maker in this action so it is important that we remain united to make quickly evolve the situation in a good way.

    As Carl said, he is open to all proposals in this direction, and I know that he is working hard to make the site quickly totally operational again.

    The technical improvements brought by the new platform are interesting and should allow a better adaptation of our needs !

  • ... Contrary to Jive who was rather proprietary.

    We will have hard work to do on this !

    And add more adaptations to our our pleasure to be an ARM Community Member ;)

  • Well, technically, with the new REST API, it might be possible to create your own personal interface to this website. It might require a lot of work, though, and everything would hold on the premise that the REST API is not removed in the future. community.telligent.com/.../rest-api-documentation