Leaving the ARM Connected Community.

As the latest JIVE update made it impossible for me to enjoy the ARM Connected Community, I have decided to leave.

There's nothing wrong with the members of the community, JIVE just is not a tool anymore.

Writing a message takes at least 20 minutes for me. The CPU-fan is running at its highest speeds, the caret writes one character per second (at most), I can not figure out how to navigate this new JIVE.


JIVE is simply not fun like it once was (the very first version presented on the ARM Connected Community was, but it's become more and more impossible to use with each update).

I can't handle it anymore, so I'm sorry to leave messages and comments unanswered - please know that it's only because I am not able to use the web-site , that you do not receive a reply.

I did attempt to write a reply to a private message sent to me, but after spending a long time writing it and inserting links, the message was simply thrown away.


For the JIVE developers: SIMPLE is good. I do not care at all for pop-smart graphics and (frustrating) popup-boxes (which makes me forget what I wanted to do).

If you need to get in touch with me, you may be able to find me on the Armbian Forum.