Update on the Community

The community will be unavailable Saturday 15th March from 10am UK Time for ~2 hours (other time zones). We will roll out a few changes members kindly suggested. Here are the changes you should see after that planned maintenance.

  • Social sharing:
    • Available at the bottom of the content, even when not logged in: why should you need to be logged in to share‽
    • Twitter button will mention @ARMCommunity instead of @ShareThis.
    • Sina Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn networks available for all user languages.
  • Partner spaces: removal of the "Everything you'll need to know to get up-to-speed with Partner XXX" text below partner logo. A couple of Partners told us it didn't bring any useful info.
  • Mobile app branding and featured places: using proper community logos but also list main community areas on the welcome page. IMPORTANT: Android app users: please delete and re-add the community within the app. Otherwise you will have a network error returned...

Would you have any suggestions on changes we should consider?


Featured Content

Every week, I pick a few items on the community I think you should see. You can also find featured content on the community homepage and on the overview page of each community.


Featured User

karthikranjan has been the most active member this week. Karthik is leading the Internet of Things group. Follow both to receive updates on mobile, Internet of Things, mbed... You could also take a minute to share your opinion on How To Get An Engineers Attention.


Featured Partner

Feabhas updated their courses, I invite you to have a look at the courses and blogs jocooling put online. Feabhas is a member of the ARM Approved Training Center Program.


Tip - Blog Scheduling - BBB

Whether you wish to talk about a new product or you have a series of technical blogs you wish to write, you might want to write them in advance and decide when they become public.

To do this, before you click Publish, click on Advanced options just above the publish button and tick the Schedule... box. Your content will only become visible to the public at your selected time.

IMPORTANT: because of a bug, I strongly advise you to set your Language/Locale in your user preferences. Please do this now, before you forget! The specified item was not found. for more info.


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