Radhika Jagtap - Senior Research Engineer, Research and Development

Today we celebrate the influence of a world-renowned mathematician who is credited with being the world’s first computer programmer. Working with another early computer pioneer, Ada Lovelace created the first known algorithm and, as a result, made a significant contribution to the world of technology. ARM is a proud sponsor of Ada Lovelace Day and as part of the celebration, we're featuring a few of the many women that help drive the engineering community at ARM.

Q: What's your full name?

Radhika Jagtap

Q: What's your Job Title?

Senior Research Engineer

Q: What have you been up to today?

Today, I liked that I learnt new things from my colleagues about bash scripting and git commands; simple joys of learning something new about the most mundane bits of one's work. This happened while I was tackling some performance measurements while running High Performance Compute applications.

Q: How and when did you first get interested in a career in technology? Have you always worked in tech?

Can't tell for sure but one course that got me seriously interested was "Computer Networks" during my Bachelors degree. I have always worked in the semi-conductor industry.

Q: What were your favourite subjects at school and why?

During my school days, I enjoyed Maths the most and then Science. Specifically I liked high-school level Linear Algebra and Geometry. During my engineering studies, my favourite was Engineering Drawing but I hated Thermodynamics so no way I would've made a good mechanical engineer!

Q: Who was your favourite teacher and why?

My favourite teacher in school was my maths teacher (Mrs. Bhende from St. Joseph's, Pune) as she was extremely jovial besides being good at teaching.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy my role as a Researcher as we have the freedom to spend hours reading something new and there is room to create your own projects. Also, no strict deadlines means it's fairly stress free! Above all I enjoy working with extremely knowledgeable and ambitious colleagues.

Q: ARM sponsors HackLab, who follows what they call the 'Hacker Code'. Which one is the most important to you and why?

Stretch Your Brain – If something seems difficult, have a go at it before you admit defeat.

I have personally enjoyed moments where I have managed to reject fears of failure and try to just get on with difficult tasks. Therefore, I pick the Hacker Code "stretch your brain" - be amazed at how much can fit inside it!

Q: Women face many challenges in the technology industry but also bring many strengths. What do you think is the best part of being a woman in tech?

I believe in the concept of *personal* culture and it helps me feel great about being different. My personal culture (way of thinking, values, strengths) has been shaped by numerous different sources. Among them are my Indian upbringing, inherited-stuff-from- parents, stuff-taught-at-school, being a woman, studying Electrical Engineering, working in Research, being a dancer, living in different countries and working with super smart colleagues. Being a woman is just one of these. If asked what is the best part of being a woman in tech? I'd say I can only talk about the best part of being in tech.