IoT to save $305bn in healthcare; Nordic has new Bluetooth Smart SoC; India to become #2 smartphone market (July 2nd news roundup)

  • Several reporters including Lucian Armasu from Tom’s Hardware report Google added support for the ARM-based Nvidia Tegra X1 chip in its Coreboot Chromebooks, noting, “It would also be the first 64-bit ARM-based Chromebook to ship, considering Tegra X1 is based on the ARMv8-A architecture.”
  • Katie Dvorak from FierceHealthIT highlights a Goldman Sachs report that found IoT could result in $305 billion in savings for the healthcare industry by 2020, writing, “Goldman sees increasing opportunities for use of telemedicine, behavior modification and remote patient monitoring.”
  • David Manners from Electronics Weekly reports Nordic Semiconductor has updated its ARM-based nRF52832 SoC with Bluetooth Smart and NFC for Touch-to-Pair, writing, “According to Nordic Semi, with a 215 CoreMark the nRF52832 delivers up to 60 percent more generic processing power than competing products and, thanks to its ARM Cortex-M4F, up to an additional 10 times the floating point and twice the DSP performance.”
  • Chris O'Brien of VentureBeat reports that India will pass the US to become the world's second largest smartphone market by 2017, as a looming change of the economic guard.

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