Future of Tablets; TSMC Updates; Wearables Ready to Rock (That Just Happened, Sep. 18)

Before we dive into the news pool and then close off with another adorable little gif, a short dissertation on the nature of innovation. One man's patented technology is another man's madness, but that's the nature of innovation. The Nobel Prizes are given out every year for Big Idea thinking. But also given out every year are the Ig Nobel prizes for achievements that make you laugh and think (who would have thought?). This year's we hear about how kissing can help allergies, how to unboil and egg and how the word "huh" means confusion in almost every language. John Timmer at Ars Technica tells all.


How many times have you read that tablets are dead? Probably as many times as I've read that. Turns out, as we contrarians suspected all along, that's not true. In fact, tablets are the future of computing. So argues Christopher Mims in the Wall Street Journal.

TSMC OIP in Santa ClaraARM Nanda Nayampally with Sean O'Kane

TSMC winner BB8 droid.jpeg

The big Silicon Valley event this week (at least once the Monday Night Football game ended) was the annual TSMC Open Innovation Platform event, held this year at the Santa Clara Convention Center. TSMC executives generally update partners on technology roadmaps and this year was no different. EE Times' Rick Merritt writes about what's up with 16nm, 10nm and 7nm nodes. Meanwhile, TSMC honored ARM with its sixth straight partner-of-the-year award in the IP category. Here's a shot (right) of ARM Vice President of Marketing Nandan Nayampally talking about the award and technology trends with Chip Estimate's Sean O'Kane.

Also at TSMC OIP, ARM gave away a cool Sphero BB-8 Droid as part of a contest, and here's the winner, Eric Wong from Marvell Semiconductor (left), posing with the cute little thing.

Embedded Design

It seems that no segment has more storied books written about its design discipline, tips and techniques than embedded systems. Now, there's a new book out, this one on Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M0+. The legendary embedded editor Jack Ganssle fills us in on Joseph's Yiu's new work.

Wearables' future

If tablets have gotten a bad rap from the skeptics, wearables are coming under their gaze as well. I've argued since the get-go that Wearables 1.0 is just that: the first generation. Now comes a study from APX Labs that indicates 93 percent of IT decision makers in its survey believe wearable technologies will have an enormous impact in their various industries in the next few years. EE Times reports on the survey.

I want one

Thousands of engineers are pilots and if they're not pilots, they admire amazing technical design. This ICON A5 sport plane is just one of those eye-popping technical designs to be coveted. Check out CNET's beautiful slide show of the lovely craft. (Remember, the holiday gift-giving season is not far off!)

Float Plane.jpg


I did not attend CTIA in Las Vegas, but when that happens I look to someone like Nirave Gondhia from Android Authority to act as my eyes and ears. (Nirave and I have never met, so that probably comes as a bit of a surprise to him). He gives us a look at the Nextbit Robin, the Vivo Air LTE, BLU Pure XL. Check out his dispatch.

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Who among us, at the end of a busy week, hasn't felt like this?...

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