Event Recap: Arm Open-Mic Seattle - Sept 16th, 2017

Group shot at Open-Mic Seattle

Arm Open-Mic attendees

This last Saturday Arm, in partnership with Makerologist Collective, hosted our very first Arm Open-Mic event. As the Arm ecosystem grows in size, we are excited by the wide variety of projects and initiatives our ecosystem developers pursue. Arm Open-Mic seeks to provide opportunities for those of our key regional creative technologists to share the amazing work they are doing on our technologies and become better connected with each other and Arm. 

Clarissa San Diego of Makerologist

Clarissa San Diego, Makerologist Collective CEO

The event was kicked off by organizer Makerologist Collective CEO Clarissa San Diego. If you are not familiar, Makerologist Collective is an ecosystem of top inventor groups located in the Seattle area and abroad focused on delivering solutions to a wide variety of problems ranging from education, installations, robots and more. You can follow their activities via these links: Clarissa San Diego (@savvynewb on Twitter) and Makerologist (@makerologist on Twitter).

Next, I (Rex St. John) provided the keynote and introduced our hardware sponsors, who provided devices for our Arm community members who presented and showcased their projects. If you aren't familiar, I am Sr. IoT Ecosystem Manager at Arm focusing on developing and supporting our global developer partners. You can follow me on Twitter @rexstjohn. Areas I am most excited about are Arm's growth into robotics, perceptual computing, AI, automotive and IoT technologies. I wan to take a moment to again thank our sponsors:

Rex giving keynote

Rex St. John introduces our hardware sponsors GHI Electronics, SINOVOIP and General Vision

After the keynote, we had our local ecosystem partners stand up and begin discussing the work they are doing and how Arm helps them solve interesting technical challenges via our technologies. 

Make Fashion displaying their garments

Make Fashion demonstrate Dress of Durian and other garments

Our first presenters were Make Fashion, who develop imaginative garments enabled with embedded sensors and compute. If you are interested in updates on Make Fashion, follow them online over here: Chelsea Klukas (@chelscore on Twitter) and Make Fashion (@makefashion on Twitter). Make Fashion demonstrated several garments including the "Dress of Durian" (based on a reference to Lord of the Rings (Far Right)) featuring LED piping. 

AquaGenie displaying the smart water bottle

BukasaTshilobmo demonstrated AquaGenie, the smart water bottle. @theaquagenie on Twitter 

Chad Leaman of Makers Making Change

Chad Leaman of Makers Making Change

Chad Leaman (@chadleaman on Twitter) of Makers Making Change (@makersmakingchange on Twitter) talked about how the Canadian government has enabled them to produce a wide variety of open-source projects to assist the movement impaired in the performing of a wide variety of different tasks. A good example is the "LipSync"  which is a 3D printed device to allow mouth-control of touchscreen devices for people who have lost the use of their arms. There are a wide variety of interesting projects listed on the Makers Making Change website.

Jeremy Foster from Microsoft

Jeremy Foster, technical evangelist at Microsoft (@codefoster on Twitter) discusses his "Smart Boat" project. 

Daniel Lang from Toradex displaying a self-balancing robot

Daniel Lang of Toradex (@toradex on Twitter) shows off a self-balancing robot. 

Michael Braun from K12 Maker Integration

Michael Braun (@michaelbraun on Twitter) of K12 Maker Integration talks about his work with the BBC micro:bit in producing training and educational materials. 

Watch out for Make Fashion's special blog post here on the Arm Community.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Once again, thanks to the following for presenting:

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