Celebrating 50 Billion shipped ARM-powered Chips

We’re celebrating! In Q4 of 2013 ARM partners shipped an impressive 2.9 billion ARM-powered chips, taking the full year total to 10 billion chips. ARM has now reached the 50 billion chips milestone and it’s all thanks to our partners for making this milestone achievement possible!

With our partners we continue to drive industry innovation as computing shifts into new and diverse form factors such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the expanded mobile experience to name just a few. Then there is the role our ecosystem is playing in the transformation of enterprise computing.

To highlight this major achievement and to show how ARM technology has driven key advances in computing for the past 20 years (and the shift to mobile computing) we’ve launched our very own site to celebrate. Visit www.50billionchips.com and check out the latest blogs, videos, and competitions. We adding new content all the time, so keep checking in!

50B EMBLEM-web.png