Arm Technical Training: blending the classroom

Over the last 5 years, the Partner Enablement Group at Arm has successfully delivered over 800 training courses and trained over 18,000 students. One element of feedback that regularly crops up from customers is that they want their face-to-face training to include more practical and interactive elements to aid their learning. However, this can be difficult when time in the classroom is limited.

What have Arm done to enable this for customers?

To address this, Arm Training has recently introduced a more blended approach to its standard classroom training. 3-4 weeks before a face-to-face training course, attendees are granted access to a private community on the Arm online training platform to complete prerequisite modules.

Arm Technical Training Blended Learning

The modules are broken down into bite-sized videos and articles that cover the introductory parts of the classroom training. The bite-sized resources break the content down into manageable chunks to help learners to process the information in small doses – perfect for doing at their desk alongside the day job. The videos also include captions that translate into multiple languages enabling learners to go through the material at their own pace and in a more familiar language.

 Arm Training Video

Learners can also opt to take a pre-course knowledge self-assessment to allow them to focus their learning where they have gaps rather than having to go through the entire set of modules. They can also use the same assessment to check their understanding.

The platform also provides access to online copies of the course materials for the classroom training. This reduces printing and importantly makes the content easier to search and access.

What are the benefits of doing this?

Learning is constantly evolving, and blended learning is something that has become a vital part of work-based training. Attendees can ask questions and interact with the trainers before and after the training through the online training platform. The screenshot below shows a great example of an attendee interacting and asking questions to the trainers following their live course.

 Arm Technical Training Question to Trainers

With this blended approach, attendees can also learn introductory content prior to their classroom session. This allows trainers to focus on the more in-depth topics that require the face-to-face discussions during the training. Feedback from the trainers who have delivered face-to-face training with online prerequisites demonstrates the effect that this is having:

Almost all of the trainees went through the relevant videos before the training began, which meant that we didn’t have to provide too much introductory material and could focus more on advanced topics. “

Feedback from customers is also suggesting that the blended learning approach is providing a positive impact on Arm’s training offering:

“It was definitely a good ramp up allowing to align and foster gained knowledge during the training.”

What’s next?

Since June 2018, 33 different communities have been created for customer courses. From the last four onsite courses that have been delivered that included prerequisite modules an average of 66% of the attendees completed the prerequisite work. This blended learning approach will continue to be included on all Arm’s private training offerings.

Over the coming months Arm will also be improving the platform, refining the landing page, adding more content, and trialing online certificates and post-classroom assessments.

For more information on the modules that are offered, visit Arm Training below, or email for more information.

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